Do you think burning incense in my dorm would make the smoke detector go off?

The ceiling is about 8 feet from the floor. Do you think it would make the smoke detector go off? I really wanna burn some incense to make it smell better in here but if I get caught I will get fined.

it didn't go off lolo


Most Helpful Girl

  • I doubt it would trip the sensor in the smoke detector. I have one in my bedroom and incense has never set it off before, even with the door shut and multiple incense burning at once, haha. If possible, do you have a window that can be cracked open? Or is there a way for you to pop the battery out of the smoke detector? I mean I don't advise taking the battery out for long periods of time, but if you only do it when you burn incense, and then put it back after, it should be okay.

    But if you really don't want to break the rules, maybe you could use one of those wall plug-in scent things like some other people have suggested. Or get an oil diffuser, where it electrically heats the bowl and you melt scented wax or oils in it to give off the smell. Then turn it off and the oil cools, or the melted wax re-solidifies.