Guys what do you mean when you call a woman cute?

what does cute mean...vs like sexy...beautiful...or even hot?


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  • If a girl is cute it brings out more of a man's protective instincts and he would probably be more likely to stand up for you. Now if he calls you hot or sexy than he wants in your pants, but their is still a good chance he wants in your pants if he calls you cute.

    • All I get is I hope guys see me more than just a friend type thing....and I agree the term "hot" makes me feel degraded

    • YOU are cute! :)


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  • I agree with the first guy. Personally, I hate when someone calls a girl "hot". I just think it's disrespectful. Cute, to me, is all around awesome. Good looks, mannerisms, attitude etc. etc.

    • Idk I actually get called beautiful or lovely but what does a guy mean by calling a girl lovely?

  • cute=dating quality. Hot=untouchable. Beautiful=marriage material.

    • So since I am cute that means I am automatically just dating material nothing more?

    • Dating can lead to a serious relationship.....I miss worded my statement. Cute equals def worth dating and possibly more......

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  • ooh I agree. I get called cute and idont get it if its supposedly better than being hot how come cute girls get friended?