I want to dress more classy when I go clubbing, where do I start?

Everywhere I go I see these tiny short dresses and skirts which while I think they're nice, they just attract the wrong kind of attention. I want to stand out but I want to stand out because I'm the only girl in the club who knows how to dress herself properly, not because she's got everything on show. If it's a costume or a a themed night, I don't wear as much because it's about having a laugh, but when I'm on a night out with friends and I'm trying to have fun I don't want to look like a slut. Any suggestions? I can't seem to find any shops where the clothes are young and classy.


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  • I think looking classy has more to.do with how you act, especially at a club! The point is to look sexy, but a dress that almost shows your southern region is a no no. its also your jewelery long elegant necklaces or delicate earings will class up a party dress. Its OK to show skin, but keep it to your legs, back, and arms. & The girls need to stay in the dress! With these things in mind the kind of guy you want to approach you will. :) and guys looking for an easy time will pass you by, because they are looking at the girls in the super super short dresses!

    Eden and Charrlet Russe (mispelled) have good choices. :)

    • Oh wow. :o thank you for giving me best answer! :) I appreciate it!


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  • H and m?


  • I think it depends on the venue like you're going to a club so you're pretty much asking for girls to dress like that I'm not saying all will or do but the stores that supply these clothes will be scarce.

    Thus, I would rock a little black dress but one that isn't so little.

    Sorry my answer is wishy washy lol

  • Pick your best asset. Build around that. Meaning, if you're going to show off your best asset, then keep the rest pretty much covered up.


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  • Try

    Le Chateau link

    Fair Weather link

    Dynamite link

    The top two would be my choice for more classier clothing, I'm sure you can find some styles that suit you.

    • Wow ! Canada has some nice stuff...That Le Chateau store actually has a corduroy skirt I've been looking for. (:

    • Haha Canada's awesome eh.

  • You can always wear a pencil skirt and a nice top. Very classy and sophisticated look.

  • Try express. They have classy stuff...