Would would a girl want to get exotic tattoos and piercings?

Aren't girls concerned tattoos and piercings would make them lose their daintiness and femininity or do they even consider it? And why all the tattoos and piercings to begin with? They are permanent and what does anyone have to gain by getting them?


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  • I do not have any tats, and only my ears are pierced. I plan to stay that way. It makes me different.

    • Not trying to offend anybody, I wish there were more like you. It seems everywhere I look there's females all tattooed up, some from head to toe. I miss the days when a girl looked like a girl.

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    • Agreed. I wish we could step back a little in time when men were men and women were women. As far as ears go that's about all for me, I don't see anything wrong with that but when you start piercing other places it starts to up the ante towards getting potential infection. To each his own, but I never knew why a guy would want to have his ears pierced

    • That goes for ears plugs too. I am not turned on by a man with ear plugs. I'll never understand why a man or woman would want those. I'm more likely to date a man with pierced ears than plugs, but both turn me off. Sorry to anyone it may offend, but that's how I feel.


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  • Who says women across the board are even trying to keep their daintiness and femininity? Not all people adhere to societal norms.

    • But why wouldn't they want to look dainty? What's wrong with that, they are after all females and females are what they are suppose to look like. And there's also other things to consider, not just their daintiness, like cancer risk.

    • females aren't supposed to look like anything you're describing, scientifically. "daintiness" and "femininity" are socially constructed features. there's nothing wrong with being dainty of feminine, but there is also nothing wrong not being either of those.

      the cancer risks aren't that high and some people don't feel at risk.

    • Either way I can't see why a girl wouldn't want to look dainty or feminine.

  • Can you say TRAMP STAMP? Eweee! A very small tat is fine and can be tasteful. A friend of mine has a tiny red-hot chili pepper on her shoulder blade. Her husband thinks it's sexy and so do I. I'm thinking about getting one myself.

    But I hear what your saying. People of both genders can get addicted to tattoos and piercings. I don't understand the attraction people have (even if you're a rock star) to body markings. Imagine what those things look like when the person is 80 years old...? Oh nooooooo.

  • These things are a way of expressing who you are. I only have my ears and nose pierced and don't ever intend on getting anymore piercings or any tattoos, but I do know that I feel bare without mine, it's like they became a part of me, especially my nose stud.

    • But everywhere I look it's the same thing. How is it expressing anything at all especially when everyone's alike?

    • i understand your view, I think that what I said will be clear with tattoo's because they are all different. Not my think however.

    • Though one thing is for sure tattoos have in common they have been looking into possible links cancer to cancer especially breast cancer. Not something the tattoo guy wants to hear.

  • who says every girl wants to be feminine and dainty?

    • But why wouldn't they want to be? Aren't girls suppose to look that way?

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    • but we don't need fur now,we have actual jackets,so fur has been replaced and it's only being used for glamour and fashion-same goes for piercings and tattoos-they used to be spiritual (which was important and still is to tribes) and now they're not so they're not useful,but they're still here for aesthetic reasons

    • You mean they brought it back. All this piercing except for the ears didn't exist in the 70's. I seems like we are going backwards away from modern society doesn't it?

  • My tattoo is a symbol that I believe in. I don't give a damn what everyone else thinks of it. Its important to me. As far as not being dainty or feminine... I'm happy with myself so what if I'm not stereotypical? Why a tattoo? Because its always with me. And what I gain. A beautiful piece of art that comes with me every where and reminds me to never give up on myself or my dreams.

    • Sure it satisfies you, but what if it came down to you not getting hired at jobs or losing out on things because you have a tattoo?

    • What am I going to lose out on because of my tattoo? And I highly doubt my future employers are going to see me naked. So they're not going to know I have one.

  • bahahahaha hell no. I love tattoos and piercings as long as they mean something to the person. I want to be covered in them. I only have one tattoo on my left breast so far and my right ear is pierced my left ear is gauged and my nipples are pierced. I really don't care what anyone thinks about my 'daintiness or femininity'...I think they are beautiful and the places I choose to get done are what set me apart from others with them.

  • I have the standard ear piercings and no tattoos. I don't find tattoos and piercings appealing to me, however I don't judge those who have it.

    • You sound PC about it though. Everybody is too quick to jump on the judgment call thing, but society sets its own conformity and that's no more evidently then laws. If you took off your top for example and walked down the street, you don't think others will judge you? Same thing goes for when getting a job where employers see your appearance as a reflection of who you are. If a employer don't like your appearance their not gonna hire you.

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