My eyeliner never comes out looking the same?

i always wear liquid eyeliner (cat eye) but for some reason it looks normal on one side & looks like **** on the other :/ or sometimes the line on one eye looks thicker than the other :(

does anyone else have this problem? I always see girls and their eyeliner is so pretty and perfect :( usually I put it on when my eye is closed and tug it out a bit, like I first put my mascara on then I put eyeliner from my inner corner to outer, or the other way and then try to do the line. I've also tried the half-way open eyes thing but :I lol

idk what I'm doing wrong, help :/

thanks everyone :) I'll try these tricks & let you know the results :) !


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  • I'm all about liners, I've tried all that you can imagine. So here's a method that I thought worked best and also looked best:

    1. Use pencil eye liner to set your base. So line your eyes til the end without the wing. Note that pencil eyeliner are less pigmented and gives it a more "soft" look after you are finished.

    2. Use a eyeliner brush to smudge your eyeliner the way you would like the wing to look. Now, what I like to do is angle my wing towards the end of my eyebrow so that it gives it a more full and complete look as well as the the symmetry of the angle.

    3. If you have "mistakes," you can actually use a pale eyeshadow to cover it. So use a different eyeliner brush to cover some mistakes (pat it on, do not smear).

    4. Now you have the "base" of your eyeliner. Go ahead and use your liquid eyeliner to darken your eyeliner. Since you have a eyeliner to "trace" it makes it significantly easier to make both sides alike.

    You will notice that the finished look is less edgy than using the liquid alone. This will actually give it a more "natural" look yet still obvious that you have eyeliner on. If you need a video tutorial, let me know and I'll forward it.


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  • Don't tug your eye well you can but really I mean really lightly tugging it makes it harder to get it even plus it can couse wrinkles and stuff if you find that it's really hard to get it even with liquid liner try other types of liner like felt tip pen eyeliner, pencil liner, gel liner which is my personal favorite. So to get it more even with liquid liner use the end of your brow and aline it with the corner of your eye that should give you a sort of guideline to begin.With a brush and shadow sort of map out the shape you want since it's not as unforgiving as liquid liner once your happy with it just fill it in with the liquid liner. Also you should do your liner first and mascara last it's easier since the lashes bend and give you better acess well for me a least. If you find that it still doesn't seem even it could be that your eyes aren't exactly the same shape this is the case for lots of people. If you find that you still need help YouTube it like the person before me said that's how I learned how to do my make up it's really helpfull that and lots of practice.

  • Some liquid eyeliners are harder to use than others. For the less use-friendly liners, I try to taper off the excess liquid back into the bottle, then I test the consistency on my hand to see how blotchy it might be. I keep doing this until I like the consistency and thinness. I'll gently press the liner against my eyelid and use small strokes. This'll also help it start thin, and you can continue adding layers to get the thickness you want. I apply my liner with my eye either closed or half open. Sometimes I'll aid closing my eye to apply the liner by gently pressing my eyelashes against the skin with a q-tip (this helps me prevent tugging at my eyelid and prevent my other hand getting in the way).

  • I had that problem too where only my left eye would look nice when I did the cat eye look but over time I got both sides to look nice.

    I don't close my eye and tug it though because I need to hold the mirror in one hand, so the whole time I've been doing it with just the hand to apply the actual eyeliner. I just leave my eyes open and kinda outline on the top of my eye up to how thick I want it to be, then I fill it in after outlining my eyelid.

    I don't usually do it too thick cause it never really looks nice on my eyes.

    There's tutorial videos on YouTube, they might help

  • That used to happen to me too ! lol My problem was that my left eye was little bit more opened than my right so my eyelids didn't really look...right?(if that makes any sense). Anyways, you can draw in the outline of the cat eyes with a pencil eyeliner, and then you can just fill it in with your liquid eyeliner. Also, if you don't mind using gel liners, you might be better off buying an angled eyeliner brush and just using that.

  • Liquid is harder to control. Try using a liquid marker or a good creamy pencil. Prestige Total Intensity liners are pencils but extremely creamy and look like liquid. Their lasting power is also AMAZING. I hear Maybelline Line Express cream liner is also really good.

    Mine sometimes looks thicker on on eye than the other. That happened today. For some reason on one eye, lining the bottom comes out better when I go outwards, and on the other eye I need to go inwards.

    It's odd, just takes practice.