Can a guy and girl go away on vacation - Just friends?

Can a guy and girl go away on a purely friendship basis and share a room at a hotel?.. how would it look to their friends, etc..

Here's the reasoning.. personally, I don't like traveling by myself.. sure I can hang out at the beach, pool, gym, etc no problem at all.. I'm just not one for going to dinner alone.. my friend recently mentioned that he's looking to go away.. to a place where during the day he could work on his golf.. the pricing of the package is outrageous since he's paying a single rate.. I work in the travel industry and if we share a room would get a phenomenal rate.. saving him roughly $1000 for a 4-night stay..

How would it look to others though?.. friends, family, etc..


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  • If you're really in the 36-45 year old age group, then who cares what anyone thinks? You're a grown woman and you can make your own choices. Also, does anyone really need to know you're staying in the same room? Just say you're taking a trip and "Jerry" is going too, no big deal.


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  • If you trust him, then ur friends and parents should too. If they are really worried or just weirded out, I would sit down and talk to them

  • you might go there as just friends...and come back knowing your friend A LOT better