How can I dress for my body?

haha I'm kinda oddly shaped. Technically, I'm a pear shape, but very close to hourglass.

I'm a 32/34C. I have big hips, but not much of a butt. And a smallish waist. And my shoulders are kinda narrow. My legs are also kinda thick (muscular).. what would look best on me?


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  • Something tight-fitting would look good because it would accentuate your curves. Try and wear mostly pants that aren't fitted all the way down because since your legs are kind of thick (which is still very attractive, so don't worry haha) so your legs don't look like big triangles. If your boobs are biggish, wear something low cut without showing too much off, but if your boobs are small, wear things with higher cuts and wear a belt under your boobs without making it too close to them. I hope this helps. :)


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  • Wear curve hugging seems you can fill out most show it off.

    if you have big hips...and you wear loose can look really bad.

  • That sounds perfect for Rockabella style... But you might be too young for that

    If your stomach area is toned you can wear low rise jeans with a straight leg. Wear shirts with a fitted waist.

    Blazers should be either tailored to the waist or straight 1 button cut touching just at the widest part of your hips.

    Skirts should be fitting and reach the middle of your knees to accentuate that hourglass shape

  • Stick to form fitting things but make sure your pants or skirt aren't too tight. Don't wear baggy tops.