Is 126 pounds fat?

I'm 5 ft 2 and 126 pounds. To me I'm fat but to others I don't know, is that fat? ps I don't mind if you call me fat wouldn't ask this question if I was particularly sensitive.


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  • No you're not fat...I'm 130 and I'm 5'1 but then again it also depends on your bones meaning thick or small cause I also have small bones so I look like I'm normal but overall in scientific method - as they would like to call it - you're truly not fat unless you're above 140 if you go above that - than yes you would be considered fat. But if you think about it there are plenty of women who are thick - boned so they seem fat like Beyonce (the singer) for instance...

    I mean I look like I have the type of her body but in much smaller version...but that's not fat that's how your body's shaped and in society today you have to be a size zero! First of all, for a person who's thick-boned not highly possible and second in the past when I was in high school I would get criticized cause of that...cause guys were all morons who liked anorexic I'm not criticizing anorexic girls but it's very bad for their health when they are like's how society makes it look like that's how a certain person should look but think about it - it's people once again - in the modeling industry you're fat either way unless you look like your pinkie finger even that's too fat for them...

    Plus the modeling industry lost all sense of how a woman, a real woman is curvy and that is a true beauty even if others disagree w/ Beyonce she's curvy, she isn't fat she's actually very sexy on the body, well she's beautiful overall but my point is shouldn't you love yourself for how you look, shouldn't you respect yourself and not care of what others say about you...people will always be people they're nothing but gossipers and criticizers.

    And you can't look at yourself in the mirror and go I'm fat because the other girl weighs less than me, I have plenty of friends who are much thicker and much thinner than I am and they all love and respect each other first - if you don't do that how do you expect your boyfriend, lover, husband, etc to love and respect have to do it's also how a person feels in their own skin...hell you 300lbs and you loving it than go ahead and love it but like I said your not fat, hope I answered your question.

    PS guys love a woman who's comfortable in her own for the morons in my past I would refer them as somewhat who are highly retarded - yep I don't body and I love what I have thick hips - I love them, so what I'm short I love my height, so what I'm a size c, I love it well I can't wear a strapless dress without a bra but besides the point...I love my body and any moron that tells me differently is just another person who isn't important to me anyway too long but hope this helped!!!!

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      I know it's just guys have said oh she's pretty but she's fat and I honestly think I'm just normal but then stuff gets said like that that makes me take a 2nd look at myself

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      Like I said dose guys r serious morons..u sound like me wen I was in school but look beyond at least try wouldn't hurt to try, wait ok wat stuff gets said? and once again trust me wen I say it ur not fat...