Men wearing Uggs, is it really that bad?

I wear Uggs and never understood why it bothered some people. They are the only footwear I wear in fall in winter I wear them with my pants tucked in and don't think it looks bad at all. If anyone researches the history of the Company they will realize men started they Ugg trend. It was a surfer Brian Smith who brought them to America. Just because women started wearing them does not mean men have to stop. Women wear Jordan's, and Men's Hoodies, and Men's Shirts.If men had to stop wearing something every time girls started to wear it men, would not be able to wear anything now, but if a man wears Uggs it is considered wrong. It makes no sense.

Also, girls if you like a guy could you not date him if he wore Uggs?


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  • I'd find it a little strange but that's probably because of the majority of people who wear them now are women, however it wouldn't affect whether or not I'd date/like the guy.

    I personally don't ever wear uggs outside of the house because I think they look sloppy, I much prefer to wear high heels or boots. Lol now if it was between a guy wearing uggs and wearing high heels I'd pick the guy wearing uggs every single time XD

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I'm not going to criticize anyone for having different tastes to mine, but if you like wearing them, continue to wear them and don't let anyone make you feel like you shouldn't wear what you want :P

    • I agree they look sloopy. Where I live some guys actually wear Uggs. I never saw them as feminine. If I was wearing heels or leather boots, then that would be scary lol.

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  • It's not wrong at all. If you like it who cares what other people think.

    Could I date a guy who wore uggs? If I liked him, sure.

  • No. Probably makes you look gay. Especially with shirt tucked in too. Sorry dude...

    • You really could not date a guy becuase of his footwear? Do you even know anyhting about the history of Uggs? I'm sure you wear men's shirts, or hoodies, and sneakers, but yet I'm gay if I wear boots that men, originally wore.

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    • Lol. Oops. Musta been up too late. The is what FunSize Sensation said. My bad

    • I was wondering what made you think that lol! God I would never wear something like that lol. I don't even dress girly, I just happen to like Uggs.

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  • Noone gives a crap about who *used* to wear them. The fact is, if you wear them now, you *will* look stupid and gay.

    If you want some winter boots, get a pair of Sorel's - they're warmer, much better quality, and you won't look gay wearing them.

  • yo rock out!

    My brother owns a pair and I some times wear them haha

  • ugh y can't you wear sneakers or normal shoes

  • It's not a masculine move. If you're super good looking you can pull it off, but it's incongruent any other way.