What's your opinion of women who dress provocatively VS conservatively?

For me, the ones who dress provocatively are just artificially trying to draw attention to themselves. If I want to get some ass, those are the ones I approach first.


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  • It's interesting that you ask this question! I had an experience at the club Saturday pertaining to this topic! I wore a dress that hugged my body, but didn't look painted on lol. It made my ass look huge and bubbly, my stomach looked flat, and my boobs looked perky. I got a lot of compliments from guys and girls telling me I looked sexy and beautiful and gorgeous. The compliments were flattering, but the attention became too much. Let me tell you some things about myself...

    - I have never been the "pretty, popular" girl or the party girl.

    - throughout high school, I had no friends and I may as well have been invisible to guys.

    I got tired of feeling ugly so I started working on my look. I wanted to wear clothes that accentuated the best features on my body. My intent wasn't to get male attention, but to help myself embrace and love aspects of myself by being able to look in the mirror and see I had things to be proud about. I wouldn't classify my style as provocative, but I don't always cover up my arms and legs.

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      Very nice. I'm picturing you probably looked sexy classy, but not sexy trashy.

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      That's nice of you.

      You GMH

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