Is this possible? Change of natural hair color?

I've always been under the impression that my hair was naturally brown, it's always grown in a medium brown when my roots grow in after dying my hair. It's been over a year since I've dyed my hair now. Over the summer it turned a bright blond and the roots were growing in the same color. I was really confused! Is it possible to turn from brunette to blonde? Now that its almost winter time and I'm indoors now, my fair hair is still there and my roots are growing in a medium-dark blond. Is this really possible that I'm a blond now? lol how does this happen?


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  • yeaah , hahah. Hair can change over time. It usually darkens though instead of lightens. Some of my friends have been born blond, then end up burnette and some of my friends have been born brunette and ended up blonde

    • Yea it's so weird! lol My hair was brown in January and now its blonde! And it doesn't get any darker no matter how much I stay indoors. Everyone is telling me my hair is growing in blond. So weird.

    • but blondes are the bestest (Y) be happy .


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  • I was born with bright blond hair and over the years I'm getting closer and closer to brunette. So I figure it can work the other way.

  • Hair can naturally change color. But if you dye it, it can change too. Depending on the dye itself, the chemicals can change the natural chemistry of your hair. That way when it grows out over time it can get lighter or darker.

    Also, if you've had big change in diet, stress, etc, it will reflect in the appearance of your hair.

  • first time I hear of smeone going from dark to lighter color !

    All I can say is when I was younger I was a light brown and now I'm dark brunette almost black !