I'm not attractive in my opinion?

...i have low self esteem and have a history of eating disorders. I still purge on occasion. Yes I know it's bad, I'm trying to stop. That's not the problem, so don't comment on it. Anyway, I work with older guys... I'm 16, they range from 18-26. All of them flirt with me, but I always assume they are joking. Two have suggested I "do things" with them... I obvi said no. The last one is always saying how pretty I am or saying I must have a flock of boys following me everywhere. When I told him that's the furthest thing from the truth, he thought I was lying and said I must not see it. If guys do actually find me attractive, why am I never approached, just stared at and checked out? What gives?


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  • Just haven't met the right guy probably , who knows, you just have to hang in there and keep looking.


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  • Cause guys our age aren't confident enough

    I am

    But I have a reason to be


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  • Well it's possible that you intimidate them (yup even guys get intimidated) or you just look unapproachable..next time you notice a guy checking you out or starting and maybe you want to get to know him why don't you try smiling back and then maybe he will come over to you. Or you could see about the one actually sweet guy at your job who seems to like you quite a bit =)

    • I don't think he likes me lol he's ten years older... But thanks :) I'll def try!