Cheap Attractive Ways for Dressing Small Asians?

Okay, long story short, my family's really tight on money at this juncture in our lives. I also happen to be that awkward teen who looks 10x out of place when I go out. I'm a small Asian girl and I find it really difficult to find things that fit and look good. The department store only has things for taller women. In the junior section, the women are too big. My mother says in the petite section, everything looks to "old". At thrift stores, I get the bargain, but it's still hit and miss. Girls & Guys, any tips?

Relatively short compared to mainland kids, long arms and legs, shorter torso in comparison, skinny (formerly athletic but still have the figure).


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  • Not having enough money is not something someone could blame you for.

    Idiots would. Nice people wouldn't.

    Just be nice and self-confident (I know it's difficult because the stereotype is women must be all cute in their clothes to have that) but it could be a good way to see if someone actually likes you for who you are and not for how you look like.


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  • I don't think it matters whether you're Asian or not lol smalls just small whatever race you are... Anyway try f21 they sell lots of cheap stuff and their sizes go pretty small in some stuff.

  • TJMax have good clothes.. I'm not sure...

  • Try wearing skirts and hanging blouse.