Hey guys, would you go for the "hot" girls or "cute" girls? Girls can give opinions too.

So I was just wondering do guys like cute girls more or hot girls more. Cute as in shy, innocent, and you know cute. Hot girls as in they look hot I'm not sure if you understand me Lol.


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  • I wouldn't want the hot girl. I have several reason and some are the stereo type reasons, but hey...they are my reasons. I don't want some ugly girl either. Let STOP here and say that looks are a matter of opinion.

    I don't like the girls that are real thin either. I want a girl that has some meat on her bones, but not fat either. It's hard to describe. To me the personality takes precedent over looks for a relationship. If I was just looking for a one night stand type of thing then yeah looks would be the only factor.


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  • i personaly would like cute innocent girls because they would probably be less pushy and not be interested in sex which is what I like. but don't be down in ur hot, a lot of guys like da hot ones. please don't hate me for my honesty.

    i hoped dis helped

    • Just out of curiosity, why do you dislike women who are interested in sex?

    • Its kinda a turn off because it makes me think that either they have been around the block a time or two(if you catch my drift) or that they may just be being pushed by their freinds some to go that far with a guy. but that's just me, but then again I'm no normal guy lol :D

  • I personally don't judge by looks, but I would much rather date a cute girl than a hot girl. Hot girls are more likely to compare your looks and style to other guys which could potentially cause problems in the early stages of dating. Cute girls are more likely to have a greater emotional connection to you because they are a lot of times less focused on the physical aspects of a guy. This is just a personal preference though.

    • This is in reference to the first thing you said. Aren't looks the thing that people look at first. How can you not judge on looks. If you saw some woman that's uglier than sin I would bet any thing that you would take longer to approach her than you would for some woman that looks like Jessica Alba.

    • You are right about that, but I meant it in a different context. I am talking about when you are deciding whether you would date the girl or not. I don't judge by looks when it comes to potentially dating a girl, this would be after the initial approach where you are getting to know them. Sorry for not clarifying that in the first place.

  • deff cute I use the term a lot lol love the shy cute and oh so innocent ones nothing is hotter not even the hott ones and I yes I understood you just fine haha

  • I tend to initially be attracted to the cute girls and then I'm usually just captivated by them. The hot girls for me are more just, and I don't want to sound like an ass, eye candy. I don't mean all hot girls just a lot of them. I'm friends with cute and hot girls but I just find that for the most part, I'm only attracted to the cute girls.

  • I would go for cute every time because of the way they act they aren't loud they give you shy glances and they look innocent which I love. Hot girls don't get me wrong lol they are hot but I would much rather be in a relationship with a nice cute girl who I could love then always be on my toes because every guy wants to get the eye of a hot girl


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