Ladies, what's your male body type prefrence?

I personally am a dedicated swimmer, besides the fact that I basically sweat chlorine (lol not actually), I have a swimmers body type (Broad shoulders, chest, abs, arms, lats, and some leg muscles but nothing over the top).

So I was wondering if you ladies like,

A) Skinnier bodies

B) Heavier bodies

C) Crazy Muscle bodies

D) Swimmer bodies

E) Other?

And why?


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  • You cannot go wrong with a swimmer's body. Broad shoulders, fit arms, and a nice chest are probobly the three most attractive things a guy can physically have (in my opinion, anyways). It makes girls feel safe to be with someone who is stronger than they are. I'm not exactly sure why smaller hips are so attractive on males, but I do know that I for sure as hell love them lol. Besides being physically fit and healthy, girls like guys who exude confidence, and (being a swimmer, myself) I know a lot of guys who do just that.


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  • Swimmer bodies definitely ! I hate that muscle bound look that you see in porn mags for women, I know a few women who want that but definitely not all women! I prefer a skinny boy with a bit of lean muscle who is taller than me

  • E, because I personally prefer a mixture of things. I hate skinny bodies, or too muscley. I like a slightly squishy stomach and muscley arms. Broad sholdered. Anything athletic, not the best to cuddle into. Abs kind of disgust me too.

  • i like an athletic looking guy...not incredibly muscular but not fat or skinny either

  • E)Other

    Any kind. As long as the guys isn't like really fat or like holocaust survivor skinny. Just normal I guess. :]

    • LOL holocaust survivor skinny, not that the holocaust was funny but wow that was a bit funny.

    • Looking back now I think my comment was in bad taste, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lol

  • Swimmers and soccer players have nice bodies. I also like big football player type bodies, but I don't like the gym buff type body even though it's similar. A skinny guy can be attractive especially when he has a good sense of style and is trendy. I'm not that into fat guys but I have liked him when I got to know them.


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