How to know if you're ugly?

please don't say stuff like beauty is in the eye of the beholder we all know that's not true. I can't put my pic up for safety reasons so tell me what are some telltale clues to let me know that people think I'm unattractive


Most Helpful Girl

  • GIRL! Get a grip! You are a wonderful creation and not one of us on here are qualified to tell you what isattractive or un attractive to the one that has been hand picked especially for you! You need to do the best job you can do taking care of yourself and building your self esteem and not through people on this site! When you do, you will attract the kind of guy that should be attracted to you. Confidence is everything and if you are exuding none, there is your demise! P.S. I am a little overwieght, with a big o' booty, and freckles...and I am fiiiiiiiiine! Don't let anyone else put value on you. Find your own value through self love and you will be fiiiine too!