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What size do I wear if a 34D is too small, but a 34DD is too big?

So my boobs decided to grow enough to spill out of a 34D bra, but not enough to completely fill out a 34DD bra, which is a pain in the ass. The band... Show More

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  • No, just lose or gain weight.Lose should shrink them and gain should make them larger...obviously. But even then, a lot of girls would have to lose or gain a significant amount of weight for their boobs to change.Besides that...Try to judge your band size. If it is on the tight side, try a 36D. If it is on the looser side, try a 32DD.For all you know your band size could be wrong, I would get measured by a professional.I say a 36D or a 32DD because as the back sizes go up, the cup gets bigger. The cup of a 32DD is somewhat bigger than a 34D cup but smaller than a 34DD cup. On the same note, a 36D cup is bigger than a 34D cup.

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  • You could get custom made bras or try 36D

  • I've never heard of a bra half size, but they usually suggest that you go up one band size in that case. For you that would be a 36D.But the simple fact is that weight gain will make them bigger and weight loss will make them smaller. My weight fluctuates between 110 and 120 pounds, and I'm either a 32B or a 32C depending on where I fall at the time.It's your decision as to whether you want to lose or gain weight.

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