Updo hair style for naturally curly hair?

I am trying to find an up do that will work for my type of hair, I am biracial(black and white) and my hair is curly, frizzy, and kinky. what could I do to my hair to make a nice updo? please help! D:


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  • Put your hair in a high ponytail so you have a little volume on the top of your head. Make a bun with your ponytail and put a elastic on it. Then losen the bun and make it all messy and place clips in to hold it up. Make sure to let a few strands from the top of the bun lose to make it look more natural. It should turn out awesome if you do it right. I do it to my hair all the time and get lots of compliments.It should work for any hair type. I'm white with straight hair but I curl my hair before I do it.


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  • Straighten and just wear it down with a fringe maybe.

  • Updo

  • I'm actually partial to braids. Free or rows. Once in place well done, they are low maintenance, look good, pleasant to touch (you don't expect them to feel so warm) and you don't have to worry about or fuss with them when the going gets close.

    Amusing to see black girls with braids patting themselves on the head vigorously to deal with the itch from their pulling.


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  • Flat iron it

    You probably didn't wanna hear that but most guys dislike curly hair. Straight hair is better and preferred :P

    • lmao @ the thumbs down. it's the truth is it not? Guys on here always express their dislike or less than enthusiastic attitude towards curly hair.

    • almost all of the guys I know love curly hair, sometimes straight hair could be a bit boring.. but that is my own opinion

    • I have curly hair too...most guys I know like it, but if we're going off of the opinions of girlsaskguys, most aren't too fond of it.

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