Do you date the same body type?

There's this guy I like but his last girlfriend is short, tiny, no hips, small boobs, and tiny as hell. I'm not fat by any means, people actually consider me pretty slender but I'm 5'8'' and definitely have hips, boobs, an ass and strong legs. I just feel giant compared to her.

I'm just scared he's going to think I'm huge because that's not what he's used to. Do you usually date the same body type or do you not care?


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  • To me it doesn't matter. I had a girlfriend who has anorexia and was dangerously thin and presently I have someone who has a fair bit of muscle on her. It isn't me. I do worry a bit about her healthy though but me and her are both happy. As for your question...some guys do care and others don't. The only way to know for sure is to ask. It is up to you whether to ask or not because you take a risk of being shunned if he doesn't like you...but if you never ask then you'll never know!


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  • Well that is pretty tall but no big deal to most guys.

    I don't date the same body type, I have a template of what I want but usually when I get a girl I'm attracted to, it doesn't matter if I liked blondes or red heads, if I see an attractive brunette, I'm chasing after her.

    I did date some women who were bigger then me but it makes no difference to me, I prefer average weight, slim, or athletic, etc.


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  • He's probably looking for something refreshing and different from the ex, sounds like you have a great body. I'd go for it.

  • here's a thing: I have boobs, ass and legs for sureeeeeee. I am 5''7 and imma admit that, what's a girl without boobs ass and legs? A guy must be crazy if he didn't like a girl with boobs, ass and legs! Think to yourself that you're sexy and curvy and she's some skinny bxtch lol!

  • my previous boyfriend was 5'8" 185lbs. my current one is 6'4" 190lbs. so no. personality matters so much more.