Why do I feel uncomfortable when I wear makeup?

The couple of times I have worn makeup I feel more shy and so uncomfortable. when I wear no makeup I feel better about myself and more confident? I really don't know why?


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  • You're pretending to be something you're not when you wear make up..

    Some people feel so under confident without perfect make up (I'm one of those people.. Too pale to go without it!)

    It's a good thing you feel comfortable without it. Don't try and change it.

    If you reallyyy want to get into it. When you go out (like out out, pubs and things lol) just put on a little mascara and leave it at that. Don't bother with the rest of it.

    It'll light up your eyes and still stick to the natural look that you feel best with. (=


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  • The only makeup I suggest people to wear when they really don't want to wear anything is a tinted lip balm, it instantly brightens your face :)

  • some people feel more comfortable or prettier with make-up and other don't because there is a chance you really change your looks and it can be weird to feel something on your face ;)

  • I feel fake when I wear make-up so I just choose not to wear it. Maybe that's why?