He likes when I dress up- does that mean he doesn't love me?

My boyfriend and I are both 20 and so I guess we're young. He was always very shallow and popular when he was younger (according to him) but he said that after his first girlfriend he got a lot deeper. But the thing is, even though he tells me he's thinking of marriage with me, he really loves it when I put on makeup and get dressed up. He says I always look beautiful but his favorite time to see me is when I'm dressed up to go out. Also sometimes when I'm looking reaaally silly, like if I wear a weird outfit, he'll make fun of me, but in a loving way. (I guess he thinks I don't mind...and I don't, as long as it doesn't man anything) Anyway, I'm afraid that if we do get married, he'll leave me the second I get fat and pregnant, because he likes it when I look good. Is this normal for guys to love it when their girlfriend dresses up? Or does this mean he has a problem? My mom says every man should prefer the way you look first thing in the morning, but I feel like he's overlooking how college guys are.


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  • I think it is pretty normal for guys to "love it when their girlfriend dresses up". You mentioned that he also claimed you "always look beautiful"...so, it would seem he is covering all bases and I think you're being overly worrisome.

    Honestly, don't worry about marriage so much! Why are you in such a hurry? At least, do not rush into such commitment with someone whom you still feel so insecure with. Also, it is actually quite possible to bear children without becoming "fat". I suggest you stick to a healthy diet (when the time comes for pregnancy) and stay active...not for this boyfriend or any other, but for yourself and the health of your baby! Exercise and diet.

    Oh and no offense, but don't worry about what your mom is telling you. Personally, I don't prefer my Man's appearance in the morning over his look when he's dressed-to-impress..does that mean I don't love him enough? No! Actually, my favorite look is when he is at or just returning from work (construction/framing)...looks damn fine when he's all dirty and tough...and with that golden tan...mmmm...but I digress...ha!

    Don't stress so much girl! He probably just finds you irresistible when you're all fancy...nothing wrong with that at all.

    • That's good to hear. I think my mom is being a little idealistic. Obviously I look better with makeup on. It's not like he thinks I'm ugly at other times, he just reeeeally likes when I get dressed up, which is definitely better than never noticing (which has been a problem with exes in the past).


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  • No I don't think this means anything.


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  • I think it is pretty normal for a guy to like it when their girlfriend is looking their best. Still, that doesn't mean he doesn't think you're beautiful when your not dressed up. In the morning is a different kind of beauty. Maybe he just prefers the other type.

  • Can't blame him for being a man. They be visual creatures.

    Also, I heard some men like it when their wimmin is pregg0rz.

    Unless he acts like a dick when you're not all bimbo-ed out, don't worry about it.

    • Nah he doesn't act like a dick