Do you like short & "tiny" girls?

I'm only 5 foot and 110 pounds, I thought I was pretty much average size but apparentlly I'm not. When I look at Most guys(-_- Including my dad) I always have to look up at them. Do you think that's cute? All I hear is " aww your so short Amber" " Aww you gotta look up at me" and they put their hand over my head. How is that cute, I feel it's very odd when I hear this come out of a guy's mouth. Another thing I found out this year is not only I'm short but I'm also "tiny". I love giving out hugs(because I'm just a huggable person) so not only I get this from guys but only girls. " God your so tiny" " damn sweetheart your so small" < a marine visting our ROTC unit told me that, It was funny . So what do you like about small and short girls.

P.S. The only bad thing about being short is you can never find jeans short enough!


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  • I know this question is for guys, but you sound so adorable! I don't know why but I find short guys/girls to be absolutely adorable! The guy I'm dating right now is kind of on the short side, he's an inch shorter than I am I stand at 5'4 so he's about 5'3-ish. Short people FTW! :D

    • LMAO! Thank you, but I just thought it was werid because you always heard on Etv and in the magazines how you wanna be tall, thin, Tan, and beautiful. So then why are all these people saying how cute short girl are, the media Lies! And your my moms height!

    • Yeeah, the media does lie...ALOT. That's why I don't focus too much about what I hear on tv. Its more accurate to go off of what you hear off of the TV screen. And I think a lot of guys do find short women (I'm kinda on the short side myself) are more visually pleasing and also preferable. Mostly cause of dominance, men wanna know that they can protect their woman.


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  • Yeah! short girls are cute, I am 6'1 and its fine by me. I just like the fact that especially in hugs you can completely cover around them inside your arms and are really fun to pick up :P


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  • i know the questions for guys but I'm that same height/ weight (well once the couple of holiday lbs goes away haha) and anyway guys absolutely love my shortness/ smallness. its because guys like to feel manly and powerful. oh and old navy has tons of short size jeans and they aren't very expensive :)