Is it possible to still dress classy without wearing heels?

I really hate wearing heels, wedges, platforms, or anything else that doesn't have a flat bottom so that my feet sit on the ground like they naturally should. I don't own any and I flat out refuse to buy any. But still is there any type of shoe I can wear to dressy/classy occasions that has a flat bottom and doesn't try to elevate my height? Need help! Links would be appreciated :)


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  • A lot of girls wear flats to dressy occasions, especially tall ones who'd tower over everyone in heels. It's totally acceptable. The shoes are styled just like heels are, of course, but have very low heels like men's shoes, or none at all. Not to worry!

  • It depends how dressy an occasion we're talking about.

    You can get _fairly_ elegant flats, though of course they'll never look as good.


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