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Can you get a perm after micro braids?

is it OK if you get a perm after micro braids? I had my micro braids in since August and I'm just taking them down. I really need a perm.. I heard if... Show More

thanks people!:) I'm going to wait

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  • No, I wouldn't. Wait and give your hair/scalp time to breathe. They need to recover from the micro braids since I'm sure your hair was pushed/forced together tightly. Perm's aren't healthy for your hair. I'm sure it could take your hair out if done incorrectly or your hair has already been stressed with breathing (micro braids).

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  • you should wait at least 2 weeks because the braids have put stresss on your scalp. its like scratching your head right before a perm but 10x worse lol trust me, I once had cornrows, took them out a week before a perm and got burned so bad

  • Its best to wait and let your hair 'breathe'

  • I heard its better to wait id say a month but if you wait too long your hair could break where your natural hair and permed hair meet

  • You can get a perm, the micros don't make a difference. People say perm can take your hair out because, a lot of people say it's unhealthy for your hair. I can't say whether it is or not since I cut all my perm out.

  • I say quit the perm and go natural you can get it flat ironned or pressed

  • I don't believe so.I would advise conditioning the heck out of your hair before getting a perm.Remember,perms are damage to your hair.If it's already super damaged...its going to fall out.I would say strengthen your hair before you use a perm.Otherwise,get ready to have your hair fall out.Ive had my hair braided and weaved for years and recently,last year I cut it off to be completely natural.So I've been through the run of the mill.

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