Girls duty = look pretty?

Is it a girl's duty to look pretty at all times? If not, when is she allowed to not look pretty? Would you allow a woman rank over you in work even if she was not good looking? Would you value a woman more if she was pretty than one with the same qualities who are ugly? How much of a girl's worth is based on her looks?

I just heard some men behind me on the buss talking about how ugly women shouldn't be allowed to have children and that they would only let a hot woman be their boss. One of them said that he would leave his wife as soon as she got fat and wrinkly. It got me thinking of how people value women out of how pretty they are.


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  • I wouldn't say it's their duty. It's their responsibility.


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  • A person (male or female) should look appropriately PRESENTABLE when leaving the house, yes. But, no, it is not a woman's "duty" to look pretty at all times.

    I *like* when my girl can be comfortable around me, and doesn't feel like she needs to dress up and put in an hour of hair and makeup before she can watch a movie on the couch or whatever. That doesn't mean that same look is appropriate for going out to dinner or whatever, of course.

    Really, though, it is women, more than men, who still carry these expectations. It's not the 1950s anymore, and men know it, but in some cases, women haven't gotten the message. Part of that is because their parents were brought up with 50's values, and have turned around and passed those on to their kids, without making appropriate and necessary changes that reflect the HUGE social changes that have happened in the last 50 years.

    Don't get me wrong here; I love a pretty girl (who doesn't?), and a trip to any Walmart will show you that it's easily possible to go too far to the other extreme, but there's a middle ground that I think is the right place to be.

  • it's just as much the duty of a girl as it's the duty of a guy to be strong , tall and muscled.

    it's stereotypes and society partly...

    my grandma has a book from when she was young :" how to be a good wife "

    I quote ' a wife should wait to wash her hair and remove make up till her husband is sound asleep , she should wake up earlier to apply make up and do her hair so that her husband is not disgusted by her appearance when he wakes up for his breakfast '

    times have changed (luckely)

    my girl can be just the way she is ... most of us humans look like sh*t when we wake up , especially women ^^

  • Define pretty.

    Do not forget: being "good looking" is subjective.

    • It is subjective, but a lot of people have simular tastes and ranks when it comes to looks.

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    • beery33, I wasn't trying to offend anyone. Do millions upon millions of people think that people like Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, or Brad Pitt good looking, yes! That's my point.

    • And another million that doesn't.

  • i would not say it,s a girl,s duty to always look pretty but if she cares anything about herself then she won,t let herself run down.

  • Let's all be fat, ugly slobs, and we can all appreciate each others value equally, haha.

  • Since when has anyone had to "allow" someone to rank over them at work? That's how you lose your job.


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  • No.

    Whenever the f*** she wants. Should be all the time--feeling pretty is more psychological than physical anyway.



    None at all.

    • yeah those men will die alone.

    • Some men do value a women more if she's pretty, I'm not saying it's right, but it's just the way it is!

  • Total load of horse sh*t. She is free to make herself look "pretty" or let herself go au naturale. It's her body, and as long as no harm comes by her anything she does is her choice.

  • ...are you serious right now?

    • @ Question update, those men are just superficial, ignorant a**holes and THEY shouldn't reproduce!