Girls with dreadlocks?

your opinions on dreadlocks? the clean non-smelling ones. are they that unattractive? I'm going to do them when I graduate (in a year) and these answers won't affect my decision.. I'm merely curious. Do you like them? If not; why?


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  • Depends on who's wearing them, and how you take care of them.

    I've seen way to many people with nasty old dreds to say it's the most appealing hairstyle -

    Just keep up with care - and don't you have to get your hair cut off if you ever want to get rid of the dreds?

    • as far as I know, as long as you haven't put wax in them they are fairly easy to remove without cutting the hair, depends on how long they've been in and how strong they are really.


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  • Most of the time, no. They look dirty no matter how clean they are. But there are a very small amount of girls who can wear them and they look artsy. It depends on the person.

  • depends on the person and how they wear them and stuff. I know this girl who has her hair cut really short all around then a few dreads in the back... I know that sounds really weird, but she pulls it off really well--looks super badass.