Howcome I still had dry frizzy ends after flat ironing? Curly Wavy afro Hair!?

Ok This is what I did, I deep conditioned with olive oil and rosemary, then left that on till the next morning and wahed it out and used a protein treatment with the coco milk and washed that out with my Beautiful curls leave in conditioner, because it acts as a shampoo with a little moisture, but it acts more of shampoo to my hair! Then I put that in my head along with alaffia leave in conditioner and Jojoba oil for a little bit more moisture and then stretch my hair out with braids! Then the next morning I decided to take my hair down using grapeseed oil which is a good heat protectant and detangling with a wide tooth comb first and then I tried using the comb chase method with the fine tooth comb, but when it came down to my ends it will not go through and I detangle it very well, first using the finger comb and then the wide tooth comb, but it would not detangle with the fine tooth comb going down, it almost broke it lol! To tell you the truth! So I decided not to use that and just go ahead and detangle and flat iron and my ends still came out frizzy and I felt little hairs coming from the ends, so I decided to trim them, and I had already trim them the first time at the end of December! So I trim them again this time around, because of the little hairs from flat ironing and put water and conditioner in my hair to keep the moisture and yes it is reverting back! SO ladies what is I am doing wrong when I flat iron? I was doing everything in the right decent way!


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  • Wow! Shampooing and conditioning is good! My suggestion would be not to use so many products in your hair within a short period of time. I think what happened was all the combing and detangling stressed your hair and broke some of it off around the ends, along with the hair products. Also, it's not really a good idea to leave a conditioner in your hair (unless it's a leave-in) overnight. You could over-condition your hair, which will weaken it, and you'll get those frizzy ends. Another thing is washing it too much. If you wash your hair too much it will dry your hair out.

    I also have curly/kinky natural hair. What works for me is to wash and condition (leaving on for 7 minutes)with Pantene for colored women. Rinse the conditioner out with COLD water to retain moisture. I let it air dry if I'm not going anywhere. If I am I blow dry it with the setting on cold until my hair is slightly damp. Then I let it air dry the rest of the way. When I go to flat iron or curl my hair I use Olive Oil Heat Protectant only. This works well for me. :)

    • You see I did that I washed the day before just like you said with leave in conditioner and leave overnight and I got up early that morning and flat iron! I only use two products with the heat protectant which was grapeseed oil! I think my hair just don't take to flat irons that well! I do that all you have just said cold water leave in conditioner and blow dry cool all of that! My hair didn't act well with it period, my hair is major thick and long to my breast!

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    • Yeah girlie I gots to stay away from it because my hair is like really thick and wavy and it needs that type of heat in order to get straight lol! Shooo I need my hair lol! But I see in your pic your hair looks quite healthy girly! That is good!

    • Thank you! :)


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  • Water+Hair=Frizz/afro! If you're going to straight iron your hair then don't add water, you're going to reverse the flat iron obviously. It also sounds like you're overworking your hair with products. Lay off for a little bit of just try one combination. You don't want to constantly add products/oils to your hair because it'll strip it of its natural oils.

    • Yes I had to put the water and conditioner my hair, because my ends was begging for it after the flat iron and since I had to trim my ends again, it feels much better! But it looks like flat ironing is not for me I see! The products that I use was regular, I deep conditioned like I always do and I only use one product for shampooing and a leave in and added the other leave in to give it more moisture, but that's about it and then I braided it and let it air dry till the morning! Then I used the

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    • Yep I wash my hair and deep conditioned every two weeks! I co wash 3 times a week and oil my scalp to times a week! So like Monday I will co wash, then Tuesday just oil my scalp, then wesdensday co wash, Thursday oil my scalp! I leave my hair in twists or braids most of the time! So I do detangle like 3 days out of the week, but never everyday! My hair just not prone to flat irons, because I wear my hair curly most of the time,when I went to the hair dresser long time ago he would blow dry first

    • then hot comb it, then flat iron it, in order for my hair to come out as smooth and I thought that was waaaaaaaay too much heat! So I laid off from that, I was going to him only once a month, because of the heat, but I slack off from that and never been back since! I wear my hair curly most of the time! But its mostly kinky wavy tho, then curly!

  • maybe you need a trim?

    • Yeah I had to do it this second time around, because I already trim the end of December, but looks like I had to trim again this time in the second week of January!

  • Your ends are dead.

    • I figure that! That's why I had to trim the little suckers lol! But thanks I knew I had to fix it lol!

    • Lol. My ends are deaddy too but I'm too scared to cut them.. I like my long hair.

    • Yeah it seems like my hair breaks easily with the slightests amount of thing, because I use all natural products I rarely put heat on my hair! But when I did it just turned out to this, but my hair still reach to my breasts, I just trimmed the fried dry pieces off!