How many of you have cellulite?

I have cellulite on my thighs. I am not fat, but I still have to for some reason. I am very self-conscious about it. I don't hear anyone else talk about having it, so sometimes I feel like the only one--even though I know that is unlikely.

How many of you have cellulite? Have you ever successfully gotten rid of it? If so, how did you do it?


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  • Study showed that 90% of women have it.I have on some of my thigh.Even many supermodels and celebs have it so I don't think its easy to get rid of it 'successfully' but you can make it less for sure.

    There are numerous creams & lotion out on the market that can help in reducing cellulite.The important thing to remember when buying cellulite removal creams is quality. It does no good to buy cream if all it really does is moisturize the skin.There are imitation creams that do ONLY that.You should begin seeing results with any anti-cellulite cream within 3-6 months,depends on your cellulite.

    You can do cardiovascular & aerobic exercises or treadmill exercising to reduce the cellulite accumulation.They can greatly strengthen the connective tissue in the body.


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  • i have a tiny bit on my butt and the very upper thigh right below my butt. my sisters have it and I have friends that have it. so many people have it, especially women and especially on the thighs! eating properly and working out a lot can reduce it/get rid of it completely. when you build up the muscles underneath the fat and use diet and cardio to reduce the fat the cellulite should go away. also there are laser treatments and creams that reduce cellulite. I would suggest taking vitamin c daily and investing in a shower brush like this- link ; before you go in the shower rub the brush over the cellulite in circular motions. this stimulates the area and works the cells, making them more likely to reduce and smooth over. also keep it moisturized!

  • Most women have some form of cellulite. I think the problem with people now a days is that they think no one has it. But many people do. And if someone does you probably don't notice.

    It's also not only because someone is fat that they have it. Many skinny celebrities have cellulite, many skinny people have cellulite. It's more about how the fat that you do have lies on your thighs. It's not about being fat, it's about how the connective tissues connect. In men, it's usually a tighter bond, for whatever reason in women it's not, so we get the pocky cellulite.

  • I don't, but you are NOT alone. Tons of people have cellulite. You can fix it by toning up and tightening the muscles in the area.

    • I work out regularly and it hasn't helped. Thighs are a really hard area to make progress.

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    • I really hope so.

    • I'm a guy who thinks cellulite is sexy. I hope that makes yo feel a little better knowing that some guys appreciate it.

  • I'm the opposite, lol, I'm chubby but have no cellulite. My legs are shapely and muscular though from years of soccer, probably my best physical feature, all things considered. =P

  • me! fml.

  • I have cellulite. I didn't really have it when I worked out regularly.

    • I don't understand how I still have it. It might have went away a tiny bit, but it is definitely still there and still obvious.