What do guys think about brown eyes?

Well, this is just a general question. I was just wondering...are guys attracted to brown eyes and not only blue or green? Why or why not?


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  • I prefer brown eyes on a woman rather than any other color. Brown eyes are so soft and sexy looking; the kind a man can get lost in. Not true for green or blue eyes.

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  • Personally I don't care. I like kind eyes, ones that make a girl appear caring and soft. But they can be blue, green, brown.

    I draw the line at the Marilyn Manson two eye color thing, but otherwise I am good with whatever.

  • Any eye color is nice......depends on the girl.

  • I love brown eyes. I have always loved brown eyes more than any other color. Green and blue don't turn me on, brown eyes just reminds me of the exotic-ness and chocolate. Its hot.

  • It's a personal preference thing... It really bugs me when one of those "Under 18" (which seems to often mean "under 14" users) thinks of preferences as universal in the opposite sex.

  • I love brown eyes!!! More so than any other color....

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  • I have blue eyes and I my favorite eye color is brown or hazel I'm getting brown contact lenses I just adore brown eyes there gorgeous !!

    • I have brown eyes and contacts that turn them hazel. They're prettier when they're hazel. They're kinda striking like a cat's eyes.

    • Yeah I love them colors my eyes have stupid blue and brown eyes weird I know :(