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What do guys think about brown eyes?

Well, this is just a general question. I was just wondering...are guys attracted to brown eyes and not only blue or green? Why or why not?

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  • I prefer brown eyes on a woman rather than any other color. Brown eyes are so soft and sexy looking; the kind a man can get lost in. Not true for green or blue eyes.

What Guys Said 10

  • Any eye color is nice......depends on the girl.

  • Personally I don't care. I like kind eyes, ones that make a girl appear caring and soft. But they can be blue, green, brown.

    I draw the line at the Marilyn Manson two eye color thing, but otherwise I am good with whatever.

  • I love brown eyes. I have always loved brown eyes more than any other color. Green and blue don't turn me on, brown eyes just reminds me of the exotic-ness and chocolate. Its hot.

  • I love brown eyes!!! More so than any other color....

  • It's a personal preference thing... It really bugs me when one of those "Under 18" (which seems to often mean "under 14" users) thinks of preferences as universal in the opposite sex.

  • Big brown eyes look pretty. I don't know probably how the girls were their eyeliner. I mostly like girls with brown eyes that wear eyeliner on the top and bottom.

  • okay so yeah I'm only 13 but I still know girls okay here's the thing some guys like other eye colors but it deends on your skin color if your tan then yes if your tan and have brown eyes us guys will melt (if there a good shade of brown)

  • Eye color is probably the last thing I care about. A healthy body and a great personality will go a long way, but eye color is kind of a non-issue for me.

  • Brown eyes are the best. I love brown eyes over green or blue.

What Girls Said 1

  • I have blue eyes and I my favorite eye color is brown or hazel I'm getting brown contact lenses I just adore brown eyes there gorgeous !!

    • I have brown eyes and contacts that turn them hazel. They're prettier when they're hazel. They're kinda striking like a cat's eyes.

    • Yeah I love them colors my eyes have stupid blue and brown eyes weird I know :(

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