Should I be worried, or how can I fix this?

I like wearing cargo shorts when I go to class, or just about anywhere, there's just one problem. Whenever I go to sit down, my shorts make it look like I have a bone/r and I don't want a bad reputation because of it. Like today in class it happened and this cute girl sat next to me, and I had my binder on my lap taking notes, and when I took the binder off to pack away I sensed some uneasiness from her. Also to make matters even worse, in my sociological class (this is a different class) my shorts made it look like I had a bone/r and, the teacher happened to be playing a film with some adult content. I am worried about what the other people around me are thinking because I have had bad experiences when people assume something, and then spread a rumor that's not true (some rumors catching up to me 3-4 years later). Any comments, suggestions etc. would be very helpful


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  • LOL. This is the premise of the first Curb Your Enthusiasm episode... perhaps get some better fitting ones or ones made from a less stiff material, stop wearing cargo shorts altogether, or stop caring.


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  • Maybe your pants are too baggy?

    I do not know. But, I wouldn't worry about others think. If someone brings it up, simply tell them they are childish and go about your business.

    If you really want to fix it..then try looking into different material or different pants.

  • Don't wear cargo shorts?


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  • Stop blaming it on your's your hormones on rage

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