Do you think there is a big change in someones appearance when they get their braces off?

does it really make them look that much better?


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  • Yes it makes them look way better, depending on how messed up your teeth were to begin with before braces. Braces make you teeth come together and close any gaps up, they suck to have but once you get them off your smile is 100% better, and your teeth look 100% better.


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  • Yes it absolutely does. At the teenager level it won't be apparent, but eventually the teeth of those without braces will continue to become further misaligned and eventually they'll look worse.


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  • When they get their braces off? Nope. I had braces for 3 years and when I got them off, it took weeks for people to actually notice. Some of my friends noticed sooner, but some just didn't notice at all.

    If you knew and remember what the person looked like without braces, the condition of their teeth specifically, then it's pretty amazing how straight someone's teeth are afterward.

    I have a friend who couldn't get over how straight my teeth looked when I got my braces off. That's probably because she has braces, too, and fantasizes about getting them off, lol.

    • Haha. thanks! well I'm getting mine off tomorrow morning so I'm pretty excited even if no one notices.. I will! :]

    • Congrats! Good luck with the retainer. Even if no one notices, it's an awesome feeling to get your braces off. It's like you're being freed, if that makes any sense :P And you can eat corn without worries now!

    • Haha! thanks. and yeah I was going to have some corn. :] everyone says their teeth are really slimy and gross feeling. but I don't care I'm still excited.

  • When my friends got their braces off I definitely noticed. I think it makes them look older and more sophisticated. It looked nice.

  • HELL YES THEY DO! ugh 1 1/2 years til mine are off... and mine were REALLY f***ed up!

  • yes!

    I used to have them.

    • Good to know :] I'm getting mine off tomorrow. I was just curious if people would notice.

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    • Haha. well thanks! I'm very excited!

    • Ugh lucky ur getting them off!