"Leggings aren't pants" "Men hate women in leggings" "Men LOVE women in leggings"

Ok I think everybody needs to calm down about the fact that girls are wearing leggings as pants; and that leggings are not pants and that you don't want your a$$ popping. Who the hell labeled them as "not meant to be worn as pants?" Seriously, all (girls) should chill. Anyone can wear whatever floats their boat. I, out of 50-60%, rock leggings as pants. They're comfortable, easy to wear and go with every single outfit and shoes. I also wear leggings at gym. No, I'm not talking about the see through spandex ones because those are obviously unacceptable. However, the cotton ones are totally fine. I don't get what is the big deal. If you diasgree with leggings worn as pants, then don't wear em. Simple. This is my opinion but I honesty hate the look of leggings with a dress or shirt looking like a dress. Take this from me: wear tights. Tights make you look cuter, more fresh, and they match more than plain and thick leggings. Anyway, I recently read this question, asked by a guy who loves girls in leggings and almost every single girl commented "they're not pants blah blah blah" Leggings are pants, expect the material is less thick. Now, I don't know if guys prefer girls in leggings or don't prefer girls in leggings, but I'm not saying this is all for guys. I think leggings are absoutely OK to wear with short shirts. You just gotta know how to work the outfit. That's all.

acceptable leggings:

Not acceptable leggings:



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  • I didn't realize that leggings had become such a national crisis!

    Just FYI, your picture link doesn't work.

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      lol I want people to understand that it's not a crime to wear leggings as pants :p

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      Some girls can pull it off, but many girls aren't in shape. A majority of people (girls and guys) in the United States are overweight or obese. Slap leggings on a girl in either one of those categories and what you have is just plain offensive to the eyes. You draw attention to the fact that your figure isn't appealing to look at, a huge no-no. If you are wearing regular pants, a dress or a skirt, you can hide your flaws better. Fat is the new "normal" and leggings on "fat" is ugly. Period.

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