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"Leggings aren't pants" "Men hate women in leggings" "Men LOVE women in leggings"

Ok I think everybody needs to calm down about the fact that girls are wearing leggings as pants; and that leggings are not pants and that you don't... Show More

acceptable leggings:

Not acceptable leggings:


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  • I didn't realize that leggings had become such a national crisis!

    Just FYI, your picture link doesn't work.

    • lol I want people to understand that it's not a crime to wear leggings as pants :p

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    • Some girls can pull it off, but many girls aren't in shape. A majority of people (girls and guys) in the United States are overweight or obese. Slap leggings on a girl in either one of those categories and what you have is just plain offensive to the eyes. You draw attention to the fact that your figure isn't appealing to look at, a huge no-no. If you are wearing regular pants, a dress or a skirt, you can hide your flaws better. Fat is the new "normal" and leggings on "fat" is ugly. Period.

    • lol!

What Guys Said 9

  • I have NO PROBLEM with girls wearing leggings as pants. :)

    Guys are being way too picky. If I was a girl id wear leggings. They look comfortable. :)

  • Don't tell people to calm down about leggings when you've written a whole paragraph about it. This is the first I've heard about leggings being some sort of new fad.

  • I LOVE women wearing the tights, leggings, or whatever you want to call those things that show their soft, perfect curves!! Why are they always black-colored? If you are going to show off, SHOW IT OFF!! I love the white leggings with the visible pantylines, and the stripes, or flowers on your briefs!!
    I remember the first ‘spandex’ pants, and ‘stirrup pants’ and nobody thought about panty lines, or colors, wearing white, showing the panty, with the flowers!! AMAZING!!!
    I HATE thongs, and I LOVE that my GF wears sensible cotton briefs, and I love her, in those, because she is comfortable, and she should be!!
    I don’t want a woman that wears ‘anal floss’ or something she hates!!! It’s cloth, and the person that you love, is more than what they wear!!
    She won’t wear tights, or leggings, outside the house, because she is really self-conscious, but she wears them, for me, alone, privately.
    I want her to wear them, and show off, and I want her to see that others think she is REALLY SEXY, but she is a ‘good girl’ type, and doesn’t need the approval of others, or showing off.
    WE both agree that young girls shouldn’t wear these skin-tight leggings!! We were at a restaurant, tonight, and there was a little BABY, maybe 12, with tight leggings, and it just seemed wrong, as they were too tight!!!
    If I ever have a daughter, I would NEVER let her wear something like that, with all the stalkers, and even the priests!!!

  • They aren't pants. If they were, they'd be called pants of some kind. Leggings without a dress/skirt/shorts looks like you're in your underwear. Do you really want people to be able to see every little nook and cranny of your lower body?

  • Leggings are sexy : )

  • Leggings as pants? I think it's classy and sexy. I love this look. My wife often wears leggings as pants in public places. She's beautiful and got a nice-shaped bum, so she can proudly wear leggings as pants with short tops. And of course she got many looks from guys (and girls, too) in the streets. And I allow her to do that. (We live in Russia).

  • I love it when girls wear leggings.
    I highly recommend it. [✔]

    If I had a girlfriend who wore them, she would always make me smile and I'll always compliment her on how wonderful she looks in them.

  • girls who wear leggings are HOT!

What Girls Said 5

  • My boyfriend loves me wearing leggings as pants. I don't think they look bad at all

  • I really don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. I am an adult living in a free country who can wear leggings as pants if I'd like :) I completely agree with you! I'm tired of hearing people talk about leggings as if they are the fashion police and they have some right to tell people how they should and shouldn't dress! Leggings are very comfortable and it's not like they're revealing. I love them with a cozy t shirt and some sneakers :) Not all leggings have see through material. I own quite a few that have very thick material that is far from see through.

    As for guys, I couldn't care less if they approve of my fashion. Most guys are not even worth getting approval from. I think most girls who are so judgmental over leggings being warn as pants are just mad because they can't pull it off. Otherwise who cares? It's not effecting you so stop being so judgy over nothing!

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    • lmao priceless!

    • lolol! I thought that was a white girl in public with no pants on at first!

  • I don't care if a girl wears leggings as pants as long as she has underwear on. This goes for yoga pants and sweat pants too and ESPECIALLY dresses and shorts. To me that's going too far and I generally have no complaints on what people choose to wear. Wear underwear please! That's all I ask.

    I only wear leggings as pants at home because I'm not comfortable with people seeing the contours of my rear but that doesn't mean I'm going to hate of the people that do like to wear them because they are comfortable as you said.

  • girl I love you! I totally agree I don't get who started that rumor! I think these girls are thinking of the wrong leggings (sheer ones) but there are actual pant leggings available, that are thick and cumfy theyre pretty much like yoga pants but not flared at the bottom I wear them all the time and I've never been happier! I think the girls that look at other girls wearing them are jealous and like to sh*t talk them because they probably can't pull it off. but if you have decent/nice legs then hey its all fair in game.

    • Amen!

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