Is not acting girly all the time a problem?

I'm definately not a living barbie (but I'm a blonde)but my girl friends say I'm not girly enough because I don't wear skirts, dresses, or heels (because I would kill myself as soon as I move). They say that guys think I'm too much of a tomboy which apparantly is a huge turnoff. I love to play football with guy friends (the real thing not two hand touch, tackle), scream at the tv during football, and prefer to wear tshirts and soffees, jeans, or sweats on the weekends. For school or hanging out with friends at the mall, I will dress up more (fitted jeans or short shorts with cute tops all mainly from abecrombie or hollister). I usually just pull my hair into a high ponytail (because it's long and I don't feel like dealing with it).


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  • Tomboys a huge turnoff, hahahahaha, give me a moment. :: still laughing ::

    Okay, okay, okay, good.

    No, tomboys are not turn offs at all. In fact, I find it annoying when girls act girly all the time. Especially when they are trying to be girly. It's nice to have a girl act normal and fun to be around with. And this isn't to insult anyway, but to me girly just isn't fun to be around with, at all. I like being able to relate to a girl and having a fun time, girly doesn't go with either.

    • My friends said it's a turn off not me but your right about girly girls being no fun (they won't play football unless I have my cute older guy friend help them then all they do is complain about getting dirty)


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  • tomboys are not a turn off, be yourself, if that means being a tomboy go ahead, guys are more turned on by you being yourself, than what we expect you to be...believe it or not


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  • Lets be honest... almost all dressing up is done to compete with/ impress other women. If you get to know guys...most of them don't care that much as long as you don't look like a slob.

    If I remember high school correctly, I remember being told to do something by my friends only to be humiliated later... Just be yourself...maybe your friends are trying to help but they also might be trying to sabotage the fact that you might draw more male attention then they do.