Your Crush isn't into your body type?

Alright so there's this guys that I really like but with prom coming up he talks openly about his "plan a, b, c..." dates. The girls he usually dates are tiny and stick like, not very smart and in my opinion kinda annoying and sallow. I'm not a stick but I'm not fat either. I've lost 40lbs and counting I'm pear shape and blond. People tell me I'm pretty and I'm smart of I do say so myself. He's not all that thin either and I know the girls he dates don't really like him. Does anyone have any thoughts about him, my chances of getting him to like me given his past or have any advice on what I should do?


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  • Don't act like he's the only guy on the earth. There are probably guys just as cute, if not cuter than him; with personalities that match yours just as good if not better. Basically you should stop trying to get a guy to like you if you know you're not what he's checking for and focus on a guy who would like you. You don't need his approval to be good enough. Move on


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  • You won't get him because you make too many excuses for yourself.

  • don't bother sounds like an ass hole.


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  • Did you read this befor you posted it? If you did you would have seen how childish, jealous and stupid you sound. You insult both him and the girls he like then turn around and ask how can you get him to like you...?