What kind of clothes should a guy wear or does it really matter to you ladies?

Like you know what kind of clothes attracts you to a guy.


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  • it doesn't really matter to me, as long as he's not trashy looking and smelly.

    i feel like it really goes with personality, and the overall persona and aura of the guy, meaning, I won't like or not like a guy because of the way he dresses, it can be a turn on ifhe dresses ina certain way that I may be infatuated by, but I wouldn't automatically like him because of the way he dresses. Like both sexes alike, you have to truly get to know someone and spend time with them in order to like them and date them...and clothes and style goes with the overall persona...

    for example, I've liked metrosexual guys with the fancy scarves collared shirts, vests, and urbanoutfitters theme going on, that added on to me liking their personality, and then I've also liked badass guys, one who even smoked, who look amazing in just a tshirt belt and jeans...or a hoodie and jeans...and it went awesome with his confident badass attitude and carefree approach to life...

    just be yourself and wear what you like, if a girl doesn't like it, well then you know where she stands in your life...nowhere! ;]

    oh but one thing that really turns me off lately is guys wearing skinny jeans, that's something I agree can go with personality, which I personally wouldn't be fond of or attracted to in any way, that's just me, no offense to anyone, but its defnitely a no no for me. It just makes guys look feminine and not manly at all, which I hate, and also it makes me wonder how uncomfortable their baggage may be down there...yikes!

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  • jeans and t-shirt, something simple is good

  • You should wear what you're comfortable in, of course it should be clean and not torn up, unless torn is the way you purchased it. All us girls are different so I don't think that knowing what a few of us likes it really going to help you out because many girls like many different styles. Be yourself, you'll find a girl who likes it.

    • Thanks, so you mean that guys don't have to wear hollester or something stupid like that.

    • Absolutely not!! You wear the style of clothing that you like, bottom line. You don't need to be dropping a lot of money just for some girl to look at you. If she's only into you because of your name brand clothes then I don't think that that's someone who you really need to be with.

    • Ok, I guess I may not be looking in the right places then.

  • I like guys that wear clothes that fit them correctly. I don't mean super tight teeshirts and extra skinny jeans. I like guys who wear shirts that show their form and jeans that aren't too baggy. I don't care what the clothes themselves look like, just as long as it fits.

  • it really does matter! not nessicarily brands but having a good sense of style is key! jeans are a BIG ONE FOR ME! wear nice ones! and shoes!

    • What, shoes all the time?

    • Well I don't know a simple yet popular pick among guys are adidas!

  • Okay. I'm a clothes freak. I love clothes. I love when guys wear jeans and t shirts with flip flops or sneakers. (nikes and converse are the best) , but when guys just wear flip flops and basketball shorts... I also really like that alot. No loafers. Gross. I don't like crocks either. Guys also look GREAT in polos. I could go on forever, cause like I said, I'm a clothe freak. I'll stop though.

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  • Clean and good condition clothes, smelly and tattered clothes won't do, doesn't really matter about style because that's all up to you.

  • I notice A LOT of girls wear a lot of AE clothing..so that's what I wear. lol. I happen to like their stuff too. Hollister is OK..at best, but their sizes are BS!

  • What about guys wearing girls clothes?