What kind of clothes should a guy wear or does it really matter to you ladies?

Like you know what kind of clothes attracts you to a guy.


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  • it doesn't really matter to me, as long as he's not trashy looking and smelly.

    i feel like it really goes with personality, and the overall persona and aura of the guy, meaning, I won't like or not like a guy because of the way he dresses, it can be a turn on ifhe dresses ina certain way that I may be infatuated by, but I wouldn't automatically like him because of the way he dresses. Like both sexes alike, you have to truly get to know someone and spend time with them in order to like them and date them...and clothes and style goes with the overall persona...

    for example, I've liked metrosexual guys with the fancy scarves collared shirts, vests, and urbanoutfitters theme going on, that added on to me liking their personality, and then I've also liked badass guys, one who even smoked, who look amazing in just a tshirt belt and jeans...or a hoodie and jeans...and it went awesome with his confident badass attitude and carefree approach to life...

    just be yourself and wear what you like, if a girl doesn't like it, well then you know where she stands in your life...nowhere! ;]

    oh but one thing that really turns me off lately is guys wearing skinny jeans, that's something I agree can go with personality, which I personally wouldn't be fond of or attracted to in any way, that's just me, no offense to anyone, but its defnitely a no no for me. It just makes guys look feminine and not manly at all, which I hate, and also it makes me wonder how uncomfortable their baggage may be down there...yikes!


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  • jeans and t-shirt, something simple is good

  • You should wear what you're comfortable in, of course it should be clean and not torn up, unless torn is the way you purchased it. All us girls are different so I don't think that knowing what a few of us likes it really going to help you out because many girls like many different styles. Be yourself, you'll find a girl who likes it.

    • Thanks, so you mean that guys don't have to wear hollester or something stupid like that.

    • Absolutely not!! You wear the style of clothing that you like, bottom line. You don't need to be dropping a lot of money just for some girl to look at you. If she's only into you because of your name brand clothes then I don't think that that's someone who you really need to be with.

    • Ok, I guess I may not be looking in the right places then.

  • I like guys that wear clothes that fit them correctly. I don't mean super tight teeshirts and extra skinny jeans. I like guys who wear shirts that show their form and jeans that aren't too baggy. I don't care what the clothes themselves look like, just as long as it fits.

  • it really does matter! not nessicarily brands but having a good sense of style is key! jeans are a BIG ONE FOR ME! wear nice ones! and shoes!

    • What, shoes all the time?

    • Well I don't know a simple yet popular pick among guys are adidas!

  • Okay. I'm a clothes freak. I love clothes. I love when guys wear jeans and t shirts with flip flops or sneakers. (nikes and converse are the best) , but when guys just wear flip flops and basketball shorts... I also really like that alot. No loafers. Gross. I don't like crocks either. Guys also look GREAT in polos. I could go on forever, cause like I said, I'm a clothe freak. I'll stop though.

  • It really doesn't matter to me, but I'd rather he didn't wear sweats all the time. :/

  • I like a guy who has his own style. He has to be well groomed though. You can't just throw on anything.

  • It depends on the girl-what one finds attractive, another one wont. Personally, I think hooded tops, trainers and sweats look sexy.

  • comfortable clothing, like jeans and a tee shirt. But a button-up shirt and jeans for some reason has always been really sexy to me. I love a man in a button-up, maybe because of what my mind does with those buttons.

  • heyy :)

    I find its hot if guys were fashionable stuff.. like not too casual a bit styled but not too overdone either. some1 that isn't conceited about it either.

    dont wear any old cloths tho.

    i like it when guys wear dark blue jeans. THERE IS NO WAY You CAN GO WRONG WITH TAHT I WOULD SAY lol

    nd then jsut any kind of t shirt but no shirts with like stuff on it for exampke black shirt with metallica pics on it or something tahts jstu ugly

    buy ed hardy that shit is nice! nd its hottttt on a guyyyy if he combines it well.. but you should write in ur question ur haircolour nd ur eye colour nd if ur like slim or sporty or a biit chubby or fat .. cus then you get more help :P

    • I have brown hair and brown eyes and I am a skinny person.

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    • Lool


      maybe you can find a girl ur friends with to jsut go shopping with you

      how old ru ?


    • I am 19 and I really do not have any female friends because my shyness is so extreme. also why do all the girls say awww when I say I am shy? I really do not under stand.

  • Style of clothes doesn't really matter to me, because we all have different styles. All that matters is that a guy is clean, and wears clothes that fit him properly.

    • Even if the guy wears collared shirts

    • Collared shirts are fine, in my opinion.

    • Really, that just does not seem like something a girl would like.

  • I like it when a guy wears Jeans and a kinda tight teeshirt. Guys wearing baggy shirts and jeans is such a turnoff. But I also like a guy with good fashion, but then you start to think ' how much time did he spend getting ready?" So guys. just be simple. Oh and when guys bag their skinny jeans a little so you see their boxers, that's sexy.

  • I think as long as a guy takes care of him self and wears stuff that looks good on him, it doesn't really matter.

  • a guy who knows his style is very sexy.

    someone who seems to know himself and isn't all over the place

    oh, and make sure the clothes fit. no highwaters. personally I like the preppy look.

    and tight things are a turn on :)

  • well, I like athletic guys. so I like them to wear basketball shorts and football jerseys(good teams). but he also has to look good in jeans and other regular shirts. so it doesn't really matter just as long as he looks good in it.

    but if we were talking about shoes, then that just changes the WHOLE thing. lol.

    • So basically all you care about in a guy is looks?

    • No. well kinda. but not really. a girl likes a guy for the way he cares for her, the way he looks at her, theway he acts like she's the only girl in his life...ect. but yes, clothes do count alittle. because if a girl goes on a date with her boyfriend(to the mall for example) she'd like the guy to be wearing good clothes because if he'd not and she runs into someone, they can make fun of her for going out with a guy that doesn't dress that nice. does that help?

  • polo and jeans

  • Well personally I go for two different styles.

    1.) Simple clothes but still stylish


    2.) Hollister, American Eagle, etc. so in other words kinda preppyish

    I don't wear hollister or any of that but I do in fact like guys that do. Other wise I would go for someone who just goes for a simple and stylish look.

    • What about guys who don't like hollister though.

    • Ummm well it doesn't rly matter then....as long as they don't look sloppy and don't care about how they look....

  • Athletic or preppy is what I find myself most attracted to.

  • I am attracted to guys from the 70s and 80s.. if I saw a guy sporting those styles, I would be ecstatic!

    but I wanted to congratulate you.. I saw you said something about "wanting to keep your individuality".. I tell ya,we need more people like you on this earth! It seems alls we have is a bunch of trendy assholes running around on this planet!

    • Yeah but it seems like people do not like that. It would mean a lot to me if a girl liked me for me but it does not seem possible.

    • Well, I most definitely respect the fact you want to keep your individuality.. Trust me, someone will like that.. but again, those people who like that are hard to come by.. but I plead that you do not go and change yourself and toss your individuality out the window for the sake of being liked! And never resort to that middle school hollister shit. I see people who are 18 wearing that crap, and I get infuriated!

  • It doesn't matter to me. When people try to look all stylish they end of looking lame. Just wear what you like. I guess just dress normal? I don't know jeans and T-shirt.


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  • Clean and good condition clothes, smelly and tattered clothes won't do, doesn't really matter about style because that's all up to you.

  • I notice A LOT of girls wear a lot of AE clothing..so that's what I wear. lol. I happen to like their stuff too. Hollister is OK..at best, but their sizes are BS!

  • What about guys wearing girls clothes?