Extended eye contact-it can only mean 1 thing?

People ask questions on here all the time about this guy/girl that always stares at me-does she like me etc etc, and most people answer yes, of course they like you and they want you to approach them/they want to approach you.

But then if you ask- this person always stares at me but they have a boyfriend/girlfriend most people answer saying they're just looking/appreciating your beauty and it doesn't mean anything.

That right there confuses the hell out of me. How can the 2 same things (extended eye contact) mean 2 totally different things depending on if they already have a gf/bf?

Surely, extended eye contact means there's something there-whether one person has a boyfriend/girlfriend or not?

Meant to say how can the same thing (not 2 same things lol).


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  • Well that is the thing about US strangers GUESSING other peoples mindset.

    Most of the time extended eye contact simply means a person is interested in another person. In what way that interest is directed - we can't tell just by that. That's the think we guess around the stuff the questioner tells us about his/her surroundings and the other persons actions, etc.

    It's just human nature to be interested in others. However interest isn't always a good thing, like the person can think of "man, how ugly she is", too.

    eye contact (extended) -> interest

    nothing else

    all other guesses are based on assumptions we do by the stuff a questioner tells about this other person

    I hope this answer goes into the direction you want it to be, if not I might have totally misinterpreted it, then I'm sorry ;)

    • Yeh it does thankyou very much-good answer.

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    • Yeh I get where your coming from-im the same-id only look into someones eyes if I was attracted to them.

    • What you say icecream doesn't make my answer obsolete nor does it really go into a different direction. Especially your last sentence, you could look at him all day because you're interested but that doesn't necessarily mean you like him, does it?

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