Based on this description would you say I'm attractive and possibly likeable?

Height: 5'4"

White tanish

Hourglass, big boobs, big butt, wide hips, but yet athletic (soccer<3)

Dark brown hair

Shoulder length, straight hair with straight across bangs that frame the face

Dark brown eyes

Dark redish lips

Generally I don't wear a lot of make-up: Thin layer of top eyeliner (black), mascara(black), and sometimes lipgloss(clear,nude)

I am often that I have a good complexion

I buy my clothes from stores such as Kolhs, Body Central, Victoria Secret, Charlotte Russe, Forever21 and Rue21

I play soccer:), golf, and tennis

I play the clarinet and piano

I'm in chamber choir

I take all AP classes and pass with As and Bs

I pretty much always have a smile on my face

I get along with generally everyone but I never get to the point of going out with guys even though I do have guy friends...I guess I also don't really know how to go about it, I can be a bit face always turns really red when I'm nervous or a lot of people stare at me..


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  • yep. athletic and smart. always a good combo. and then especially clarinet. clarinetists rule!

    • (: ha ha yesss clarinets are awesomee 7yearss<3

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    • sooo I just listened to my Pink cd :)

    • oh. yep. I know those. I use a radio transmitter for my ipod if I'm driving. and Pink? xD. please tell me you're not one of those girls that just listens to Top 40...

What Guys Said 3

  • Sounds cute, but are you really gonna be happy with guys giving their opinion on how well you type about yourself?

  • I concur with Dre, if the face is good too then yeah.

  • Sounds pretty good but a picture is worth a 1000 words.


What Girls Said 2

  • Which one are you in the pic (not the small pic but other one on your profile)? Its the internet, you can describe all you want but a picture tells it.

  • you can write a paragraph of yourself, but It doesn't mean you will reflect that in real life, so its hard to judge somebody based on a few words.

    • your profile pic is wayy to small, and the other pic I have no idea which one you are.