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Girls. your boyfriend/crush wearing underwear like these? turn on or off? lol

Alright..girls how would you feel if you found out the guy you like/dating wears underwear like these..theyr colorful,tight,and expensive..turnoff or... Show More

lol what kind of underwear do you like then? I personally wear tighter fitting boxer briefs..i used to wear boxers but they way too loose..and after I started wearing boxer briefs..i much prefer them lol..

right now I only have the usually colors..black,grey..im wanting to buy some..maybe not THAT colorful..but nice black ones..maybe that white one with blue stripes?im kinda materialistic..so I like wearing expensive stuff..and the cheap cotton 3 dollar briefs ain't cutting it lol
ok.here some some new links..

these are some of the ones I like..armani..diesel..Calvin klein..im looking to match my clothes to my underwear..so if I wear black,id wear blakc armani undies..white/blue..id wear white and blue diesel undies..get it lol?..what you girls think?








you kno sexy undies like these for guys?lol..go look at my profile to see how much I lyk girls haha..

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  • I like the underwear in your links except many of them are too colorful and too expensive. I'm not into materialistic guys. Though the fit is nice. I don't really like loose boxers too much.

    • ok I posted new links..

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    • I don't think I like white underwear for guys. I like red, black, any kind of blue including baby blue, dark green, gray, etc. If she thinks they're cute you have nothing to worry about. Now that I think about it, I think they should make his and hers underwear. Like the same underwear with the same pattern except one cut for a girl and one cut for a guy. Couple undies! That would be cute.

    • why not white undies..lol

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  • LMFAO really? I would def make fun of him and probably wonder if he had gay tendencies.

  • Ok...honestly I'm starting to agree with the dislike of the tightness. Not to mention, as a nurse, I can tell you these might interfere with your sperm count...seriously! It holds everything a little too close to the body and the little suckers get too hot and die off! Go for some stretchable cotton boxer briefs. These are bit too spandex-like.

    • yeah but I LIKE the tighthness..sperm count isn't really an issue..jsut comfort and sexyness..so apart from the tighthness..is the colors/design sexy?...is the cut too high?what would you think if your boyfriend wears them baby

  • Personally, I think solid colors like black and grey are okay, but honestly not that attractive unless the guy has a body to make up for it.

    Mostly, I prefer boxers.

  • OFF.Im not interested in bysexuals.jk.lol.

    • haha trust me if I liked women any more id be a perv lol..so whys it a turnoff sweety?

  • ok the plain, solid colored ones aren't so bad.

    But the ones with the prints...no way! I'd seriously question whether or not he was hitting on little boys.

    • haha..damn I should have picked better examples..lol..ima go pick out some that I'm interested in..cool?

    • The Armani ones aren't terrible, but the printed Clever and Calvin Kleins...gay child molester for sure

  • Too obsessed with brand names. I'm not attracted to guys who'd pay 40$ for a pair of underwear, to me that just screams stupidity. And the prints are too much as well

    • well..some people like spending on themselves..life too short not to..same reason why girls buy vikky secrets..a tiny piece of fabric for 13 dollars ain't cheap man..and girls still flock to buy them?..why should guys be any different..besides boxers are too loose..and these are DESIGNER udnerwear..theyr made with a lot of material and elastic sicne guys need it more for support..same reason why good bras are expensive..

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    • What?!?!? A man thar can actually admit defeat once in a while? Me likey :P

      No hard feelings lol

    • lol..trust me I was ready to accept defeat a couple comments back haha..plus your a worthy foe lol..i def couldn't keep the battle up too long ..and what's funny is the question that started it all haha..hey you can add me az a friend your pretty cool ..bye..TILL WE MEET AGAIN lol

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