Should I go for it?

There's this girl that I'm pretty sure is into me. She has quite a nice body, but her face is not all that great to look at, plus she smokes and was a lesbian for quite a long time. So to be honest I would only be going out with her so I could exploit her for sexual gratification. But she has a nice personality and I'm quite a lonely person (I haven't actually been out of my house for a 'night out' for a good two years). Would it be that wrong to go out with her under slightly false pretenses?


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  • Absolutley. Don't be 'That guy'! That's completly uncool and super selfish. just cus you're lonley doesn't mean you should exploit someone elses feelings. Wait until you meet a girl you're into and try to be fair to others, I'm sure you would want the same done to you! It's all about the karma my friend!


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  • Thats a terrible thing to do to a person. If you want to have sex and don't really like her, why don't you just try the FWB, don't date someone and hurt them just because you want sex. You know its wrong why did you even ask the question - for the Xper points?


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  • That is completely up to you and your beliefs. You would effectively be using her really, but its nothing none of us can really tell you to do or not seeing as it just depends on the type of person you are and if you think its right or not.