How do I know if guys find me attractive?

I notice that guys look at me and may flirt with me a little, but I rarely get asked out on dates or anything. I just would like to know how I should read signs that a guy may find me attractive or not...? Advice?


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  • You are girl, you shouldn't have to read the signs a guy likes you or not. You don't need to, women are the ones that choose the guy through subtle ways and then the guy finally comes in thinking he made the move first otherwise the girl was way aheard of the game.

    Anyhow, to attract guys you have to feel good, they is nothing more attractive than a girl confident of her self. With that confident smile a bit more and just check that confidence doesn't turn into stuck up.

    To conclude, to attract more guys, smile more, FEEL good, and when you chat with your mates always have space for an imaginery person to join the conversation (heard from somewhere..). ie when chatting to your best mate, chat in a v shape not face to face. If 3 people chat in a C shape, etc.


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  • well first and foremost would be your natural girl instincts, but also pay attention to him, if he's listening to you not necessarily intently more just like he's trying to block out other noise to hear just you, also if he feels you are listening to him, then youve really got him hooked, guys like to be heard just as much as girls do

  • Make your singleness known throughout the lands

  • Yoou could be very attractive and they find you too intimidating to ask out and they think your too good for them or they think you already got a boyfreind, hope I helped you


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