Eye contact Question?

*If a girl sees a random guy and she makes eye contact with him, and he makes it back with her and its like they're staring in each others eyes, does that mean there is some attraction there or could he have just been looking back @ her because she was looking at him?


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  • It's hard to tell- it happens a lot when a person is looking at you (or sometimes more like staring.) so you look over to see what they're staring at. Usually in this case the eye contact will last no more then 2 seconds.

    If they keep eye contact between them for over 3 seconds then it's possable they like each other.

    But you shouldn't make a judgement about someone liking you just because of one thing. Look for other body langauge before making a judgement.

    Good luck!



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  • depends on what you believe in, some believe that's a sign, some believe it was just him staring


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  • if every time you meet and make eye contact, may be stay like this for week or something I think this means there is attraction.

    or else why he is staring for 2 weeks if there is just nothing !