Why do people hate ugly people?

I was just wondering why people are less attractive to ugly people like me. I don't have any friends people hate me at work and no guys speak to me. One guy used to say good morning but then he stop and slowly every one stop talking to me. They only say nice and pay attention to the pretty girls. Please help.


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  • Do you consider yourself ugly? If you do, then everyone else will aswell. I don't care if you look like a racoon, have some confidence. Actually, can see your picture and you are not ugly hun. Find your own style and walk with confidence nothing more attractive than that. I have seen many people who weren't the most gorgeous, but they are more popular and probably have more fun than most people I know, why, because they stop crying and worrying about how they look and just live life to the fullest. Even the most beautiful people see themselves as ugly and its shame because they are missing out on a lot of fun (because insecure people are the most annoying people to be around) So, stop looking at yourself as ugly, and re evaluate yourself, realize how beautiful you are and please, head up, back straight and own the world.


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  • Do you like to go out and have fun?

    Theres always a risk that people at a workplace just don't care for the person that's constantly trying to act professional?

    Be outgoing! Show interest in people.

    Don't be too self conscious! If you aren't exactly a beauty queen- being self conscious will on harm your efforts! Be outgoing, let your personality shine through.

    I know almost all girls think all guys are shallow; but in reality you'd be astonished at how unattractive 'pretty girls' become to most guys if they have an bad personality.

    i get it- it does suck for some women in society today. the whole barbiedoll idolization.

    But in reality out of all my exs the only one I would think about getting back with was the one that most people would think is the least attractive...b/c of...PERSONALITY.

  • There ain't nothin ugly about you. If I were 30 years old again and worked with you, I'd be sayin more than good mornin. (And don't tell my girlfriend I said that!)

  • Dont expect people to talk to you.

    Make some f***ing effort.

  • well don't be so shy, shy can be misinterpreted as snotty or snobby, stuck up etc. maybe he stopped saying hi because you never ever said hi first. why should other people put all the effort into conversing with you when you yourself are too shy or whatever to say anything at all?

  • Are you shy or introverted? Perhaps it is hard to make contact so to speak...

  • No offense but a lot of them are untrustworthy and vindictive. They suffer from extremely low self-esteem that if anything happens between me and them, there's a good chance they will turn evil on me.


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  • I disagree with the commentor above.. there is no such thing as making an effort to make contact with people! .. Yes the majority of people are superficial and tend to get away from less attractive people, but why would you wanna talk to shallow people ? Trust me .. the ones that matter never put your looks into consideration, it's the inner beauty that matters you know ?

    Plus that you are not ugly at all .. you have prettier face than most people I know !

    Don't be shy though .. whenever someone makes contact , don't shy away! Be nice to them , soon they will realize that you are a wonderful person! Good luck :)

    • "No such thing as making an effort to make contact with people"

      I beg your pardon? What do you call walking up to someone and initiating a conversation with them. I call that effort, because by definition that is what it is. All I'm saying is If you expect everyone to come up to you without you having to make any effort then you shouldn't be surprised that people are turned away by that attitude.

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    • Dont think you're the only one other than the question asker to have been socially introverted.

      I told her what worked for me. Start making an effort, seem eager and people will respond. Don't expect everything to be given to you.

    • You don't seem to understand my idea so I give up . Cheers

  • People don't like girls who are too concious about their looks. Even myself. I like girls and guys who like to have fun. And even when I choose friends I don't see if they are pretty or ugly. All I care is if they are good to me or not . Besides if you think you are ugly... Then that's really sad. There are lots of people who have problem with their face... Even though they smile laugh and be open. And yet you think you are ugly? And the people choosing friends by their looks are not worth it. Leave em and make friends who are worth it. Good luck :)

  • I really don't think that you're ugly. You have a cute innocent face, but your low self esteem and shyness is what killls it. You probably come off very sad and depressed and that's even more of a repellant than being ugly.