Why do people hate ugly people?

I was just wondering why people are less attractive to ugly people like me. I don't have any friends people hate me at work and no guys speak to me. One guy used to say good morning but then he stop and slowly every one stop talking to me. They only say nice and pay attention to the pretty girls. Please help.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Do you consider yourself ugly? If you do, then everyone else will aswell. I don't care if you look like a racoon, have some confidence. Actually, can see your picture and you are not ugly hun. Find your own style and walk with confidence nothing more attractive than that. I have seen many people who weren't the most gorgeous, but they are more popular and probably have more fun than most people I know, why, because they stop crying and worrying about how they look and just live life to the fullest. Even the most beautiful people see themselves as ugly and its shame because they are missing out on a lot of fun (because insecure people are the most annoying people to be around) So, stop looking at yourself as ugly, and re evaluate yourself, realize how beautiful you are and please, head up, back straight and own the world.