Why do girls wear sleeveless?

don't you end up exposing your unsightly underarms,what do girls feel


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  • Why do you think womens arms are unsightly...the majority of us shave or wax so there is no hair... I don't understand you're problem.

    We wear them because it's hot and we want to cool down and a general rule, we can't just take our shirt off and walk around. Also, sleeveless shirts makes our boobs look awesome.

    (Added note, bit hypercritical that you're asking this on anon and won't allow anon answers isn't it?)

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      *your problem

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      It's because you said unsightly.

      You didn't specify why or how.

      It's like me saying put your ugly legs away. You've got no idea why I'm uncomfortable with the legs. Women are very defensive about ensuring we are hairless in the right places, MEN put a lot of pressure on us to be that way (eg. "babe, you shaved down there?!") so don't put a negative word in there and expect us to ignore it. You asked, we answered, simple. I'm just defending mine and the girls opinions.

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      i repeat I could not imagine my question can hurt girls to react like this.i have asked the question informatively with out any negative thoughts. and any negative bias against girls.