Why do girls wear sleeveless?

don't you end up exposing your unsightly underarms,what do girls feel


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  • Why do you think womens arms are unsightly...the majority of us shave or wax so there is no hair... I don't understand you're problem.

    We wear them because it's hot and we want to cool down and a general rule, we can't just take our shirt off and walk around. Also, sleeveless shirts makes our boobs look awesome.

    (Added note, bit hypercritical that you're asking this on anon and won't allow anon answers isn't it?)

    • *your problem

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    • It's because you said unsightly.

      You didn't specify why or how.

      It's like me saying put your ugly legs away. You've got no idea why I'm uncomfortable with the legs. Women are very defensive about ensuring we are hairless in the right places, MEN put a lot of pressure on us to be that way (eg. "babe, you shaved down there?!") so don't put a negative word in there and expect us to ignore it. You asked, we answered, simple. I'm just defending mine and the girls opinions.

    • i repeat I could not imagine my question can hurt girls to react like this.i have asked the question informatively with out any negative thoughts. and any negative bias against girls.

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  • Well, since I perpetually walk around with my arms raised that IS a problem! I shave, and I don't tend to "expose" my arm pits very often. I wear sleevless tops for a few reasons a) because they're cooler b) because I like to think I have nice shoulders and they show them off and c) sleevless tops can be slightly dressier than t-shirts without looking too formal.

    • Dunno about you but I'm constantly dancing like Shakira and can't put my arms down!

  • I purposefully wear sleeveless shirts so that I can offend people like you with my unsightly underarms.

    • dont take it personally.i didn't mean the way you hv understood

  • unlike men we wax or shave. No unsightly hair!

  • I've never been self-conscious about my underarms. A friend of mine got scabies once though and that made her underarms look awful for months! she could wear sleeveless to clubs or anything it was so bad.

  • Troll...with unsightly arms.

  • Unsightly:

    distasteful or unpleasant to look at: an unsightly wound; unsightly disorder.

    So basically yeah it's a pretty nasty thing to say if you didn't want such a negative response perhaps you should have chosen a better word. I still don't see how it wouldn't have offended us though as you are basically saying that you can't bear the sight of a part of our body and as stated below us women are put under a lot of pressure ESPECIALLY by men to get rid of our bodily hair and have our hair and nails done and wear make-up and look beautiful all of the time and comments like this? Yeah they tend to piss us off a little considering how much effort we do put into trying to look good.

    • Completely agree with this, couldn't put it better myself.

    • ok.i didn't knew that the word has so many negative connotions .second I never meant, I can't bear the sight of a particular body part as you have understood.i think my framing of question has gone totally wrong.

  • Are you kidding me? I can't speak for all girls but MOST of us do shave/wax our underarms. I wear tank tops and sleeveless T's because it's a good look, it's much cooler clothing for in the heat and because I bloody well want to. As jrose said (perfectly sarcastically) we don't walk around with our arms above our head and what kind of issue do you have that every time you see a girl you straight away look at their arm pits?

    You need to take your head out of you ass and get a serious reality check bets on that you've got quite a few unsightly things about yourself that you show.

    • i never expected my question to evoke such strong negative remarks.i understood that I hurt your feelings(but not understood your logic).at the same time I have a advise for you.dont pounce on a person so harshly.

  • Cuz it's hot out, we like them, and want to wear them

  • Hey, I can guarantee you that my underarms are prettier than yours. :P

    • i never meant to hurt any girls feelings.it looks you hv taken it personally.

    • I'm just teasing.

  • We wear them for one (or more) of the following reasons:

    1:because we want to.

    2:because a lot of guys (unlike you) think sleeveless shirts are attractive.

    3:because its hot.

    4:because we can.


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  • Feel weird being the only guy responding to this but I am confused. You must be from a culture or population where women keep their underarms as hairy and gross as a man or a baboon. In my humble opinion, if taken care of, undearms are one of the sexiest parts of a girl's body. There are 2 visual reasons I see in wearing sleeveless. It shows off the shoulders and full arms and 2, some girls feel sexy showing off their underarms that they spend an effort to keep clean. Thia question is almost similar to asking why women show off their feet wearin flip flops or other open shoes.

    • i have just realized how communication can go wrong . your interpretation was heights of it.their is an unintended error in my communication . agreed. but the way you responded is very uncharitable.

    • I guess I understand as I hv been in exactly the same situation here.

    • sexy underarms? loool

  • i like girls in sleeveless. I think they all look fabulous in them, no matter what age, race, or color. their arms kinda turn me on. although, I hate skinny arms. and by arms, I mean, the upper area, ie shoulder to elbow. can't think of a better outfit on a girl than this. for me, as long as it's sleeveless, it'll do. that's the thing about me, every time I see a girl in sleeveless, I get attracted to her, almost instantly. in a nutshell, I'm obsessed with girls in sleeveless.

  • Because they have low self-esteem and are obsessively concerned about how they look. That is, they think that bodily beauty is important and that a girl's status in society increases and she looks beautiful if she wears sleeveless clothes. Not all girls were sleeveless shirts but this is true of some girls who do. Such girls are thus sexualizing or objectifiying themselves.
    Even boys were may sleeveless clothes but it is observed in society that girls were more of them, and the reason for this is that they have been taught since childhood through the process of socialization that beauty matters for girls. Unfortunately they are made to be so conscious of their appearance that they think that it is utmost important to follow social norms or trends, and to attract boys. So they more often wear sleeveless clothes compared to boys, and thus objectify their bodies. There may be some other reasons also, why they consider wearing sleeveless clothes good and do so. However, not only girls are like that and a small proportion of girls are modest and normal in clothing who do not show off.
    Good boys do not want to see girls wearing sleeveless clothes. Such a girl is portraying herself as a sex object and a good boy whould be interested in the heart and character of a girl, not her body. Many opinion questionnaires have revealed similar views from boys about girls.
    Perhaps boys do not lose self-esteem so easily or so much as girls. If girls understand that they do not need to show off their body by dressing in sleeveless shirts to find a suitable boyfriend, that would be a very good thing, pyschologically for themselves, and for the society as a whole to progress by promoting gender equality.

  • bcozzz they want to expose their sexuality... tats the only reason.. a men can go in streets without t shirts but we dont but every women knows tat wen a girl exposes herself it seduces every guy.. tats y girls try to expose themselves