Do guys care about a bit of arm fat on a lady they Like?

i had a child about one year and a half ago.. I love the way my body is now, all nice and curvy. The only weight I'm having trouble losing is around my damn arms.. am I being way too self conscious? or is that a turn off?


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  • i think all girls are self conscious, we pick ourselves and each other apart about things most guys never even notice.

    Most of the girls I see are way to pretty to be with the guys they are with anyway and they still find small things like a little arm fat or a stretch mark to beat themselves up over, don't do that to yourself, from your icon you look pretty to me and I'd say please don't be one of those girls


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  • Is your guy having a problem with it? If not, no worries.

    • i don't know.. he hasn't mentioned it

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    • well, its not like we've been hanging out for long enough to have a bedtime.. he's not the father of my child either.. so, I've got no game when it comes to all of this anymore.

    • sorry about that. what game are you missing? The guy is with you even though not the father in this deal. everything working like it should when together?

  • I think you are being a bit too self conscious but then again I love curvy women. :) I don't mind stretch marks or saggy boobs. I like her round belly too. :)

  • I could trim them fat arms up right quick so it ain't no problem.


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