What's the perfect body for guys?

ok I'm about 5`2 5`3 and I'm naturally skinny.

i have A size boobs :(

uhm a round butt but its small

(like when I lay down my but is still round and not flatend out like most yet its not wide and not a bubble but)

i have long legs,arms,and fingers,and big feet :(

do I have a good or bad body.be very honest

and if you want rate 1-10

tell me what's the perfect body to you

do boobs really matter that much to a guy


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  • Good news: there is no such thing as the perfect body. You could be one man's ten and another's 3. Sometimes we can start you out at a 3, then later raise you to a 8=10. You could be 25 guy's 6 and 1 guy's 10.

    You could look good in clothes and not so much naked and vice versa. It's pretty non-categorical. Do what everyone says: relax, have fun ... some guys will get that you are a ten, some won't and most will be in between; usually no matter what.


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  • Id rate ur type of body a 10 out of 10... I love small boobs and not huge butts as long as they aren't flat... My honest perfect body is an A cup, like maybe a 32 or something, an innie labia, (if u don't know what that is then look it up) a small cute and tight butt and a smaller girl than me so I have to look down to kiss her if that makes any sense? and boobs don't matter to me but small is a HUGE plus for me..

  • you sound fine to me but the thing is you need to have a good personality or no guy will like you.

  • personaly I go for a girl with a good set of legs :)

    not much of a boobs fan, but if there big.. its a bonus :P

  • You sounds very attractive. No, boobs are not the be all and end all for most guys


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  • You shouldn't go off what one guy says about you. Every guy has a different view of you, and just because one guys doesn't like your body, doesn't mean there aren't 100 other guys out there that are just loving you! Bottom line is: you're beautiful. You don't need some guys on a website to tell you that. :D

    • I agree with that. Sometime when I am out with my firends some will say how hot a girl is and some will say that it not there type. so just think that you are a 10 perfect, and have fun

    • I second that