Wrong concealer shade?

I am new in the world of makeup. Yesterday I went to MAC store to buy a concealer (I have some break outs lately). The woman there gave me a concealer darker than my skin tone. When I asked her the reason for it, she told me that a concealer that matches my skin tone won't conceal anything etc etc. so I got these relatively expensive concealer and now when I googled it it says that the concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. she did make me wear the concealer for trial and it looked just fine after she powdered it over with mac skin naturals powder or something like that. but now I am wondering whether it was a right decision to get that shade of concealer. its NW 30


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  • I'm worried that she's a MAC makeup artist and told you it should be darker. It definitely should be lighter. A big use of concealer is to cover up dark spots especially under your eyes. If you used a darker shade on the dark circles then that's just making it worse. Try to add a highlighting powder that is lighter and see how this works. MAC has the best highlighter powders in my opinion (Mineralize skinfish is my fav line to use). If you don't feel comfortable buying their products again then there's plenty of other brands that sell it. You really should stay away from drugstore brands though. You want a good quality powder that pops, drugstore brands typically don't and are hard to put on. Also you will need the right brush. This is definitely an important part. You want something like this link If the powder doesn't work then go back and explain to the manager what happened and that you're new to makeup. Maybe they can switch the color for you to the right one. MAC associates have always been nice and willing to help me out so hopefully the manager can fix the problem for you.


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  • Ahh, yeah. Concealer should be a shade LIGHTER than your skin.

    Try put a powder over it and see if it blends. If it doesn't, I'd take it back and ask if they are willing to refund/change it seeing as their makeup specialist got it wrong. Generally you only put concealer first if you plan to wear a full face of foundation, though. Mine is almost my skin tone, close enough that I can blend it and not have to wear any foundation at all.

  • so try it out and see if it works.