Why do I look uglier when tired?

When I am sleep deprived I feel and look so much uglier. I cover up my dark circles with makeup etc but my face looks puffy and old and I just feel hideous. Is this normal? Why?


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  • It's normal. When you feel bad, you look bad.


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  • You probably don't look as bad as you think you do

    you just feel horrible so of course you think you look horrible.

    That's normal though when I don't get sleep my eyes are red, my face gets puffy and dark circles come up, nothing to worry about.

    You could put a cold rag on your face or take a pretty cold shower if you can when you wake up like that might help your skin/face and get some sleep lol

  • Normal. Dark circles dry skin puffy eyes droopy eyes, shadow around the eyes etc. but probably only you will notice. Makeup helps.