What does cute mean?

Ladies what do you mean when you call a guy cute? Every time I'd show a girl a picture of myself or get a response to my appearance I'm always being told I'm "cute." This isn't even by women that are always older than me. Sometimes they are my age or even younger.

A baby is cute or a puppy is cute. But what does it mean to call a guy cute?


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  • Yay! I can totally answer this question! There are different kinds of cute (it's a little hard to explain tho):

    1. Sometimes a guy just has a cute face which would mean attractive

    2. Sometimes a guy can act cute, like talk all gentle and sweet with a little bit of humor or no humor and it just gives me this felling of attraction towards him, like I just want to give him a great big hug inside because he's acting so cute.

    3. Baby cute isn't usually what I would mean when calling a guy cute unless he was like 12 and under or something.

    * It definitely does NOT mean that he is unmanly. Actually, when I find a guy cute in look or/and personality, that means I have a feeling of attraction towards him. It doesn't necessarily mean I would date them or anything, but I do have a crush on them. To me cute is a very attractive and manly trait to have.

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  • Haha sometimes I feel bad for guys, because girls make it so hard on you. :)

    Cute usually is what a girl calls a hot guy when she thinks he is attractive, but she is to scared to go all the way out and say hot. Saying, "Your hot" may seem like she likes him too much, and she is afraid of rejection. Saying, "cute" could mean anything, but at the same time she is giving the guy a compliment.

    Don't worry about it, and enjoy those "cute"s because they are a positive thing!! ;]

  • It depends on how it's said. Like if they say "cute" with no real expression, they are just trying to be nice. If the expression is like "Wow, you're cute!" then take it as a compliment cause they think you're good looking. All in all it just depends on how it is said. Most of the times it's cause you are good looking.

  • i say the guy is cute when I think he`s really gorgeous but I can't go and say "wow you're gorgeous", because that would be too much and I don't want to embarrass myself. Pay attention to her face tho. If she says that smiling and flirting, she's into you.

  • A guy can also be called Cute, I say that all the time! When a guy is attractive but at the same time he has a sweet expression, I say he is cute

  • Its just means she is attracted to you. Don't worry it doesn't make you any less of man to be called cute by a female.

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