What does cute mean?

Ladies what do you mean when you call a guy cute? Every time I'd show a girl a picture of myself or get a response to my appearance I'm always being told I'm "cute." This isn't even by women that are always older than me. Sometimes they are my age or even younger.

A baby is cute or a puppy is cute. But what does it mean to call a guy cute?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yay! I can totally answer this question! There are different kinds of cute (it's a little hard to explain tho):

    1. Sometimes a guy just has a cute face which would mean attractive

    2. Sometimes a guy can act cute, like talk all gentle and sweet with a little bit of humor or no humor and it just gives me this felling of attraction towards him, like I just want to give him a great big hug inside because he's acting so cute.

    3. Baby cute isn't usually what I would mean when calling a guy cute unless he was like 12 and under or something.

    * It definitely does NOT mean that he is unmanly. Actually, when I find a guy cute in look or/and personality, that means I have a feeling of attraction towards him. It doesn't necessarily mean I would date them or anything, but I do have a crush on them. To me cute is a very attractive and manly trait to have.