I have a spiderbite and bellybutton piercing, is it a turn off?

Spiderbite piercing = 2 piercing on the same side of lower lip

Are the piercings a turn off for guys?


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  • You'll never get a clean cut answer on this one. Different guys have different preferences on things like piercings and tattoos. Some don't like anything on the face, some thing that more is more attractive, some only like ears, some don't like any... it really depends on who you want to "impress." But I think if it looks good for you and you really want to keep them, you should. It's ultimately your decision, and if a guy doesn't give you attention for something as minor as a facial piercing, that's his problem.


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  • Not necessarily for all guys, but for the more clean cut ones I'm quite sure it would be.

    Also depends on what other piercings you have and how attractive you are in general.

    I'm quite sure there are some guys who would also find it a turn on. It really depends. If you're comfortable with them and confident, then there's honestly no need to worry.


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  • A lot of guys on here might tell you it's completely unattractive but all my friends who have piercings stay with boyfriends/always have guys hitting on them so I think actions speak louder than words..well text.

  • there's always going to be a guy out there that likes it