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Does a guy in love have a certain "look" in his eyes?

My mom claims that every time she talks to my ex (we have a long history of being together since we were young) that she can just tell he loves me... Show More

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  • I think you've been watching too many movies haha. But there could be a certain "sparkle" in his eyes when you make him laugh or he makes you laugh. Your Mom might be right though,

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  • From what I've heard, it does exist! Perhaps not like an actual sparkle in your eyes or something but I always hear people talking about a subtle change in expression.

    I almost wish there wasn't lol

  • I think there can be a "look" that suggests strong feelings to say the least. I've been told I get a "look" in my eyes when talking about my now-ex boyfriend (*sigh*), I apparently *light* up, and my eyes *sparkle* and I love him with all my heart

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